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Refining Style

Since I have begun my new journey on living a life of simplicity, I have also begun refining my style. At times I feel all over the place and I am trying hard not to waste and buy smartly. I want pieces and a home that we can grow with and me not tire of in a few sort months or even years. After much evaluation I think I came down to what I am when concerning my home. I think designer Kristen Panitch nailed me right on the head with her gorgeous designs. Her spaces look easy to live in, welcoming, traditional, with a bit of boho here and there. The textures, patterns. and the layering of all her spaces feel like home to me. This is the direction I am slowly going in. I can't wait to share my home soon!

Her goal for every space they design speaks volumes to me... to create homes that will reflect and evolve with our clients’ lifestyle, tastes, passions, and dreams... That is so what I want and am striving towards.



Yesterday I had high hopes of taking the kiddos to the zoo. When we arrived there wasn't any parking spots. Yes, you heard me right. It was insane. So in my frantic desire to do something fun with the kiddos without going mad I went to the Botanical Gardens a street away. They ran and explored. We had a blast. I visited the shop Leaf n Petal while there and fell head over heels for the decoupaged wallpaper. The colors were quite gorgeous to say the least. Such an inspiring day it ended up being. Today we are getting up a bit earlier and trying for the zoo once again. Fingers crossed.

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For the Love of a House

I try to be somewhat original on this little blog of mine, but sometimes that can be hard. As design blogs become more popular being original can sometimes feel next to impossible. I was feeling slightly uninspired so I picked up my camera and started shooting. Slowly and surely I began feeling inspired again, by own home. Now that's fun and rare. Maybe my simplicity goals are actually working. Here is a glimpse into what makes me happy in my own home...

The color green reminds me of spring. Spending time outside, having picnics, and fresh air.

My 30th birthday party dress stays out. I adore it and it reminds me all my fabulous friends and family. Happy memories. The piano was a gift. Can't wait till the kiddos learn how to play sweet melodies.

My new lamps look extra lovely wearing my jewelry. This nook in the bedroom has changed dozens of times since we moved in and I was never happy with it. Finally, while gaining simplicity and not wanting to buy anything new till I was 100% sure I would love it, I stuck a chair that I had for years there and well, I am smitten with it.

We have been doing so many art projects that I decided to stop putting the brushes away. Ellie then started hanging her art on the wall. I rather like how it looks. I think we will continue to do it until the whole wall is full. Makes me happy.

An old star burst clock that I "borrowed" from my parents against the greige walls makes for a lovely combo. The antlers in the guest/kiddos bath adds a little whimsy. I like whimsy and apparently jumped on board with a few trends over the years. ha.

My garden is starting to grow back. Love seeing the sedum peeking through drinking up the sun. Spring time is on its way.

Can you see a trend? My own home makes me happy. I am so excited. Isn't that the way it should be? Oh, and no it still isn't our forever house, but it is my house and I think she can be pretty.


Seeing Redd

Miles Redd is known for his rather elaborate designs quenched in color and pattern. As you know I am drawn to neutral simple palettes, but I must say all these designs from Mr. Redd have me singing a new tune. I adore these rooms and could easily see my family living in them. Well, if we were loaded that is.

It was also fun to see Ashley sitting on his stoop on her lovely blog. It would so be something I would do.


Antiques at the Garden

Mrs. French was invited to the Antiques at the Garden here in Birmingham. The Friday morning of the weekend long event was a special invitation only Designer Preview. Mrs. French deemed me special and carried me along with her as her +1. The show featured many premier dealers from around the country minus any of the Birmingham dealers. I must say I fell head over heels for so many pieces. Alas I only took home photos while I am sure some others took home these fine pieces.