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just a little dream

I have this little dream of taking an older, cheap, drab home and making it shine. I found these while real estate stalking. The second has already sold, but was too pretty not to share. What I love about the first is that they took this typical home added the wood posts and the three double doors along the front.

The great room with vaulted ceilings painted all white was not what I expected for this home, but am totally in love. The dark wood floors are beauties and again the double doors hung on either side of the fireplace is perfect for entertaining.

I really am just in awe of this bathroom vanity. I would take it down a notch by adding a wire basket of towels below.

This kitchen is just, wow! It stated in the listing that the rest of the counters are white marble, my fav.

This is the second beauty of a home. I Love the character it oozes. The green paint, the rock, the pretty little flower box, and the simple landscaping are all so very nice.

This kitchen is what got me. Again with the white marble. Those doors that bring in so much light. The first shot really shows how simple and un-kitchen like this room looks. I rather like it.

Finally, this side yard is stunning. Again with the simple lines and landscaping makes it right up my alley. I would just hope there were hydrangeas in the back.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We unfortunately are all fighting this dreaded family cold that just won't go away. I believe my little boy may have an ear infection to top it off, so away to the doctor we go. Oh and we also will be getting the tree today. My daughter could not be anymore excited.


project: kitchen

This kitchen was some what of an inspiration for the following kitchen redesign. I love the dark cabinets, the shelving, and the simplicity of it all. If you can remember I earlier posted on how my friends kitchen will be opening up to their dining and living rooms. Creating a large entertaining area, in their once smaller spaces. Currently there is a door way to the hall and a door way to the dining area, the walls in between will be taken down and a n L-shaped island will be added in it's place. I know this would be where pics of their home would be helpful. Anyway, I would love to see all the lower and island cabinets painted Link Gray by Sherwin Williams (it's a green/deep gray). I would then love for all the top cabinets to be gone and two shelves put in there place painted the same color. I know this too may not be realistic, so how about the upper cabinets being painted a lighter shade possibly Sensible Hue or Aloof Gray also by Sherwin Williams.

I know the counter top came out small, but I do hope you get the idea. I think a white with gray would work great and lighten up the space a bit while still tying in the cabinet color.
They want all stainless steel appliances and I think this range hood would be amazing. Oh, and if you did go with the shelving dear friends that would leave more money for some great appliances.
I have always loved the look of this faucet. I would lose the soap dispenser though. Okay, I will have to admit that I have had this faucet in the last two homes hubby and I have owned, purchased off of eBay for dramatically less.

This is where you either love it or hate it. I of course love it! The handles for the drawers and the knobs for the cabinets in antique brass would pop off ever so nicely off the dark cabinets. That little pendent would hang over the kitchen sink. I have a feeling I have lost you, so a oil-rubbed bronze handles and knobs would be nice too, but I still do like that pendent.

As for where the appliance currently stand I would leave it. That would keep costs down, but I would add a dishwasher on the left side of your sink if one will fit. I am sorry and I should have measured first. That would leave the island completely open and can be used as a buffet when entertaining. Also you could consider making a regular rectangle of an island instead of the L-shape. It would make the kitchen appear to be larger, just a thought. Oh I almost forgot, a slate gray floor would be ever so pretty, I mean masculine, oh whatever.

This brings this home project to an end. If they decide to go with any of my ideas I will definitely post before and after pics. I know the kitchen won't be for awhile, but they do want to start with the rest of the home, so I guess we will have to wait and see. Either way I am sure that I will be helping with some of the labor. They are really great friends. Luckily for me I have another friend who needs help with their home, so I will be starting that soon too. Maybe this time I will refer to them as Mr. and Mrs. F.


i heart their style

Yesterday, I found Nathan Egan via the pink wallpaper blog. I found their design to be stunning, but at the same time very livable. I love the simplicity of the first design. Everything about the second image, especially the photo of the diver, I find to be so perfect. The chandelier in the third is remarkable. That kitchen makes me swoon, from the cabinet doors, the stools, even the topiary I love. This is where I sigh.


Monday's real estate find

I found this house in our local real estate market. I love the outside of this house, but it did not have any of the interior photos. I decided to take it upon myself and create what I believe this house looks like or atleast what I would hope for it to.

I would imagine this to be the front foyer. I love all the light, french doors, and all those hooks.

photo via aly's beach

I love the light and airiness of this living area. The ample seating would be great for our lifestyle.

photo via mstetson design

This house would look lovely with a kitchen like this. Marble counters, a few glass front cabinets to display all my white dishes and those light fixtures are just divine.

photo via urban grace

This beautiful light fixture would be hanging somewhere in this home I am sure. Well, I hope you enjoyed my version of this home. I think I will have to do a drive by on this home now, bye!


i heart this kitchen

Yes, I went out and bought Cottage Living even though I receive it in the mail. I was overly excited to see the home of Lee Kleinhelter. I fell hard for her first cottage makeover and was overjoyed to hear she did it again and I just couldn't wait for the mag any longer. Well, upon viewing her home I decided it was too much for me, oh well. I did, however, come across a lovely kitchen done and owned by Anne Turner Carroll, the assistant decorating editor of Cottage Living. In yesterday's post I showed a kitchen that I just adored and also added some links to very similar kitchens that I too fancied. Low and behold, her kitchen mimicked all I love in a kitchen.

Her kitchen was very standard and she made it fabulous. In the before pics her cabinets did not go all the way to the ceiling so she had them raised and then added a shelf, brilliant. I love the two toned cabinets. Colors I adore.

The pendents and cabinet pulls are from Restoration Hardware. I love how she placed the pulls on the horizontal. She also used two separate counter tops, one honed granite the other a butcher block.

This is the view from the dining room. The opening was just a small low square, but they opened it up and added the arch. I absolutely think this kitchen is wonderful. It makes me want to paint my cabinets even more. Do not worry hubby I will not even mention this to you, but if you happen to read this, love it, and want to do it, just know that I am in.

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