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A Place in the Hamptons

This may be my favorite issue of Elle Decor yet and I have been receiving this magazine for years. I absolutely adored the sneak peek into Meg Ryan's summer home on all my favorite blogs, but once I actually received the issue I was elated with Timothy Whealons summer home in the Hamptons. He made the purchase on a snap decision and had to redo the whole place. I think he did a mighty fine job, so much so that I keep on rereading the article and keep on studying all the pretty pictures. I simply can not put it down.


Kitchens, Baskets, and Painting...

In our kitchen we have a lot of dead space between our cabinets and ceiling. I am not into decorating above the cabinets with ivy and knickknacks so I have just left it bare. I have always loved the idea of putting rows of cake plates on top, but the space is so high it would have lost the impact. Some time ago I came across this image and saved it into my inspiration folder, I recently came across it again and became quite enamored with the baskets above the cabinets. I love the natural feel it brings without any fuss.

So this brings me to our kitchen. I have started my basket collection. I have two so far and rather like how it fills in the dead space. So if any locals come across any lovely baskets for great prices then be sure to let me know. These two came from Home Goods. Also my wall paint color is reading a bit more yellow than it should in the shot. I swear it's because it's the color of the cabinets (more accurate color interpretation found here). My wall color is sherwin williams rice grain. Doug I am sure you will be so excited to hear I am back on my wanting to paint kick. We are in this home for the long haul so I mine as well make it the best that it can be, right? I am thinking this would make a superb birthday present to me.

I am thinking a color similar to Farrow and Ball Hardwick White without the price tag. Then again maybe I should take the plunge? As you can see my mind is not quite set. Something close to this...

I know this color would go with my decor quite nicely. Any of you know a color like this that you absolutely love or if you think I am going in the wrong color direction let me know? Also has anyone used Farrow and Ball? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post. You all had me blushing. I suppose a picture or two a week would be no big thing.


Color My Way

I adore this kitchen by Elizabeth Dinkel Design. Mostly white with touches of green and yellow is perfection. I always say I can't do color, but I could so do this. Aren't the pendant lights just fabulous?

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Adding to my Inspiration Folder

I know you all have seen this home throughout blogland, but the first time I saw the full tour was via Flourish Design + Style. By the way Sarah's blog is a daily read of mine. She and I share much of the same style, love that. Anyway, I had to re-post it. I think if we every get to build this will be one of those homes that I show the architect and then I will want to recreate the light and airy feel. There is not a detail I don't love. Oh, and the fabulous photography was done by this brilliant lady who also happens to blog. I love getting to see a few extra photos here. Gorgeous, right? My only wish now is to get my hands on the actual magazine. I love pouring over a good magazine more than the computer screen. It makes it easier for me to study.

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On Tuesday Brooke came over to help me tackle my kitchen backsplash and I could not be more excited about the results. I stuck with a simple 3x6 white subway tile with white grout. The process was much easier than I had expected, but the clean up took much longer. The actual tile job took about 6 hours with only a lunch break in between. Brooke really is my hero. She doesn't have much longer till her due date and she had more stamina than I do on my best day. I really could not have done this without her. Well, her and him. He passed out tile like no other...

Sweet Brooke rocking it out. Yes, I did help, but I did stop to take a few pics in between...

The finished product, well besides the outlet covers. That will be happening tonight with the help of the hubbs...

I am so happy!