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The Laundry Room {inspiration board + process}

The last project I have for inside the house is to makeover the laundry room. It is the most awkward space. It not only serves as a tiny laundry room, but also the walk through from the house to garage. I really can not express to you how tight it is especially since both doors swing into the already tiny room. One day I hope to change out the door that leads into the house into two smaller double doors that swing outward, but it's just not in the budget as of right now. I may try taking the door down for now and possibly using NICE curtains to cover the doorway if I can accomplish it without it looking too awful. We shall see. Above is the inspiration board for the space. The walls are already painted anew gray by Sherwin Williams and I still like it so it will remain. I will then take the one wire rack in the room, which I can't even reach, down and replace them with three wooden shelves with corbels. I plan to paint them Home Depot's Yolo Paint in Thrive. The shelves will begin just above where the washer and dryer begin. That way I will be able to at least reach one shelf. Ha. I rod will also be mounted so I can hang clothes as I go. The top shelf will house some gorgeous baskets I found at HomeGoods and store my crazy amount of fabrics. The shelves will also hold my bulk buys of Mrs. Meyers. I love the idea that Ana White made out of plywood and laundry baskets. If I can make it fit between the two units, I want to build something similar with three "drawers" to store all the folded laundry as I go. I can then bringthe baskets to the designated room once all the laundry has been completed and unload. Of course I will design it to fit our space better. Without having one of the doors in the way I would then have space to hang a drying rack and large ironing board. I am giddy with the prospect. Of course they will not fit in the laundry room open, but I can bring them into the large hall on laundry day. To top it all off a print from Old Try will make an appearance to cover the unsightly water supply valve thing. I believe this one would make me have a continual good attitude. Anyhoo, that is my process and plan for the laundry room. Hoping to accomplish it ASAP!

Basket | Corbel | Storage Idea | Yolo paint from Home Depot | Mrs. Meyers | Old Try Print | Ikea Drying Rack


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Reader Comments (2)

I totally get your teeny tiny laundry room drama. I'm in the same boat. Too small of space, too little storage, weird set up, the list goes on. Can't wait to see your when it's all done.

October 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSarah's Fab Day

it will look great! our new house has the tiniest laundry room. it's the pass through to the back. we ended up with shelving from home depot. i wanted to use corbels, but needed to security of stronger shelving for our 1935 built house! hoping to get the cutesy things finished in there soon!

November 2, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterchristi

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