10 Years

Today is our 10 year anniversary. There is a part of me that feels like he has always been there then there is another part that makes me stop and gasp that I can actually be old enough to be married for 10 whole years. He truly is my best friend. He makes our life an adventure. He has faith in me even when I struggle to do so myself. He really is the best part of me and am eager to see where life takes us. We have a big trip planned for this fall while the kiddos are in school and I could not be more excited! It will be the first extended time I will be away from the kiddos, but 10 years is a great milestone for a second honeymoon of sorts.


Progress {the new house}

We are in the new house and have been plugging away trying to figure out how we can make it all fit. I have no pretty photos to share as of yet, but if I wait till we do then I may never blog again. So here are my not so pretty pictures of our progress. The main bathroom got a new faucet that I found for a steal at Lowe's. I am hoping the sparkle will distract the eye from the rest of the bath. HA. The kitchen is coming along slowly, but surely. For now replacing the whole floor is not an option so the next best thing is to make a sort of vestibule. I am going with the black and off white hexagon tile. Here's to hoping it looks fabulous!


Me Oh My...

So we still haven't moved. Boo. The new house is just not ready. Now we are struggle with our insurance company because they say our current house is "livable" because we still have running water. Umm, how in the world do you live in a house where everything is piled atop each other and nails are sticking up from the ground and everything is covered what I can only guess to be drywall dust with 2 kids. So instead of them offering us a hotel we have been floating from house to house, still. So grateful for good family and friends. Our current stay is not all that bad though so I really can't complain even if I do want to stomp my feet and cry like a baby. The kids are adapting better than I and of course having a pool in the backyard does make it all better.


Skincare {a review + new favorite}

When the founder of Ellovi contacted me about their body butter I was intrigued. My overly sensitive dryer than dry skin has me very limited on what I can use on my body, but after reading the ingredient {there are only 6!} and knowing it is fragrance free then I thought I would give it a go. The box arrived right when we were leaving for Colorado and I grabbed the lip butter while flying out the door. As my lips started to chap in the dry Colorado air this stuff really saved me and the kids. It didn't leave a weird white film that often happens to me and almost immediately put my lips back to normal. I used it only about once or twice a day and it really lasted. By the time I got home my skin was really ashy and somewhat gross. I immediately started using the body butter and fell in love. It goes on really thick so you only need a little, but after two applications my skin is completely back to normal if not better. I also love that I can use it on Ellie knowing that I am not putting added chemicals on her skin which is hugely important to me. Her skin is even more sensitive than mine so most lotions and creams just don't work for her. So happy to have an actual option for her now and a new fave for me!

*I was given this product to review, but all opinions are my own. I am a new fan and will be buying this again and again.


My Sporadic Process

We still have high hopes that we can move into the new house Tuesday. It will have been painted, cleaned, and the floor in the kitchen fixed. I still have to change out the lighting, add new hardware in the kitchen, get a washer and dryer, install carpet on the stairs, add window treatments, hopefully redo the main bathroom sooner than later and unpack of course. I have settled on a few items for the house. This fixture will go in the dining room. It will be just perfect in there. I bought two of these when West Elm was having an additional 20% off sale items. I am not 100% sure where their final resting place will be, but for now I am leaning towards the office and KJ's room or maybe even both kids room. Then again they may go in the kitchen although I am 99% sure I want to go with a schoolhouse fixture in there. I think in the end it really will take me sitting in the kitchen for a few days before I have my "a-ha" moment. The upper cabinets are going the same white as the rest of the house and the lowers are going a dark gray {not too far off from our old kitchen}. I would LOVE to share images, but they have yet to actually be painted {see before here and allow your imaginations to run wild}. As for the knobs I'm on the fence too. Imagine that. I like the idea of brass, but I like dark too, then I came across these and the kitchen has the same color scheme I am going for so maybe they are best? As you can see I am highly wishy washy currently. Thankfully I pulled up my favorite antique rug to pack away before we left on vacation so it was saved from the flood. It too will live in the kitchen and that makes me happy. The last thing to do will be to find a tiny fridge on a bargain and choose a faucet. I want to go more modern so I am thinking something like this or this {in my dreams}.