Hi & Low

Yesterday we swung by our house to try and find a few things and I soon gave up. Ellie said it best when she so kindly stated "it looks like we are hoarders." We are still in the process of seeing what the next steps will be. Our new rental home will hopefully be ready by Tuesday so we can move in. It won't be "done", but it will be livable. I also realized that living with what I have in a suitcase is not so bad. I can see a HUGE purge coming on. All our rugs were ruined of course and when I saw Rugs USA was having a huge sale I jumped on this rug. I think it will add just the touch of color I am looking for in the living room, if not I am sure it will make it's way into one of the bedrooms. Crossing my fingers it's a good one!


Our Bedroom {paint colors + wardrobes}

I went by our new rental yesterday to see the progress. Our bedroom was done and I absolutely adore the way it turned out. The room is small, very small. Painting it white will not make it look any better once our king bed is moved in so I finally did what I have been wanting to do for years, go dark! I went with Martha Stewart gabardine from Home Depot. Depends on time of day it either looks deep green, deep blue, or dark gray. I think it makes the gorgeous molding and brass hardware really shine.

The one thing I know we will need for our bedroom is some sort of wardrobe. You can see a peek of the closet above and in reality you are pretty much seeing it all. it might be 3x2, but I believe that is an overestimation. HA. To the right of the closet we have space for some sort of wardrobe. These are a few that have caught my eye. I keep on going back and forth whether this is somewhere we want to invest or keep on the cheap. It has to function and not fall apart, but at the same time it is in our bedroom. Any thoughts? Or have one you love and would recommend?


Clockwise: one {saw this one in person and loved it}, two {the wood would be amazing against the dark walls}, three {I like the dual function and the wood looks less orange in person}, four {budget friendly, but may be too dark for the walls}, five {It would add a more modern look to the room}, six {budget friendly and simple}


It happens...

Hello! We are back from Colorado and had the best best time. It was absolutely beautiful and the weather was quite the treat compared to hot Alabama summers. Now we are in somewhat in limbo. Our home flooded while we were away. Thankfully our rental agent came by to show the house so it was only two days worth of destruction. Everything is piled high. My papa handled the emergency crews while we were away which was a huge blessing. The next few days I get to go through things and see what has damage and what doesn't. Overall it doesn't seem too bad though when it comes to our "things". The floors are in the process of being ripped out, looks like some cabinets will need replacing, and the walls have fun holes in them to air out. Unfortunately our new rental house is not ready for us, but hopefully will be done towards the end of the week. So for now the Mr is staying in town at a good friend's and the kids and I are bunking it at my parents out of town. I am going to try to post regularly, but we shall see. We are highly grateful that it wasn't worse. Everything is just a mess and that can be sorted out with time and plenty of trips to the laundry mat.


The Front Living Room Design

With this move I have had to somewhat plan out the designs before we even move in. It is helping me see what will fit in the new house and what won't. Also for this home I think I may add a bit of color here and there. Nothing too crazy of course, but I think this style of house needs it. So far this is my plan... Our current charcoal sofa will make the move and sit in front of the large window facing the fireplace. I will add fun pillows, a rug and keep our current wood coffee table. The piano will be placed on the wall by the front door with an oversized photo hanging above. Our fiddle fig trees will be in here too since it gets the best light. I am hoping a new more modern chair will make an appearance sooner then later. Since the fireplace has the huge built in mirror above it I will keep it simple by adding candle sticks that I found in store and maybe a piece or two of leaning art. As for the big area to the side of the fireplace I am hoping to add butcher block shelves a-la Lauren Leiss. The floor is incredibly uneven here so I think this will be the best solution. All this is tentative of course once I do get a few of the bigger pieces in, but for now it makes me happy just to have a direction to go in.


Far and Away

This week we are in Colorado spending time with the Mr's family after one of his many sisters got married. The wedding was sweet as can be and now the Mr is showing us his old stomping grounds. Yesterday we drove to the top of pikes peak. It was beautiful to say the least. Can't wait to get the images off our "good" camera. I think they have potential to be the art piece I am wanting for the front living room. We shall see!