The Kids Hall

The kids hall is tight, but I managed to squeeze in our rather narrow cabinet that used to live in our old dining room. It now serves as a library for the kiddos and the cabinet below holds toilet paper and towels for the kids bath. The chair is from Ellie's old room. It doesn't really serve a purpose, but I am not ready to part with it so here it sits. Above is a Wheat Field print that used to be in our living room. The ship kite just makes me and flying weather is right around the corner! The light I am not in love with, but this being a rental home makes this the least of my concerns. It is not as awful as the ones that were downstairs and although I am sure I will change it I will wait till the downstairs is complete first. 


KJ's Room

The kids rooms are clean. Enough said right? It made for a perfect time to snap some pics to share. I still need to add art in KJ's room once I find it, but for now he is quite pleased with it. I let the kiddos be in charge of decorating their own rooms this time around. KJ knew what he wanted... red, blue, orange, and gray. Yes, that was the only part of the vision he shared with me. Come to find out he also may be the most picky boy I know. He would not sway from what he had in his head and in the end I was rather impressed. To be honest there were a few times I had my doubts. It's fun, preppy, and everything has a place which fits him to a tee.

First off we HAD to paint the space and have the plaster walls repaired. They were quite a mess. {before's here} I would share the color, but I can't recall for the life of me! It's a really light gray though. We also added new romans from Home Depot. I thought about having them lined, but we did not need the privacy and the kiddos like to be able to see the trees and squirrels. As for decor most things came from the old house. The bed, antlers, chair, ottoman, side table, and ikea bookshelf were all in our old house in one room or another. The rug is new since his got ruined in the old house flood.

The bedding took us forever to find. We went to every local shop and spent hours scrolling through online shops. We happened to come across this quilt at T.J. Maxx and he LOVED it. He also grabbed the throw there too. The orange pillow was from Home Goods. The bird pillow I made him when he was a baby.

His side table is an ikea rast dresser with knobs he found locally. The lamp was a fun find with the orange cord since the placement of the outlet leaves the cord exposed. My boy also has an infatuation with air plants. When he spotted this hanging glass orb locally he was too giddy for me to pass it up. It actually hangs on cable tv wire that some brilliant person drilled through the wall. Can't pull it out without leaving a hole. Next best thing was to give it a purpose.

The ikea bookcase thankfully made it through the flood in decent condition. It still is his favorite piece. I also love how organized it keeps him. The wire baskets we found at bed bath & beyond. These also took quite the search to find the ones he found to be "perfect". The black chair we used to have in our old tv room. The only addition I made without asking first was the fun string lights by Bright Lab.

sources: rug from Rug USA | grid sheets Target | cross pillowcase Target | white lamp Target | desk lamp Target | black chair Amazon | orange lumbar West Elm | moose hook West Elm | string lights Bright Lab | orange bed pillow found here |


Well aren't you pretty...


We are not in the market for a new bed, but this one had me at hello! The lines are just beautiful. Our bed sits in front of windows that overlook our porch. This would prompt me to actually leave our bedroom blinds open during the day just so I can gander at the back while on the porch. I think it would also look amazing floating in a bedroom. Well, if you had a room big enough to handle a floating bed that is.


Making Decisions... {I need your help}

The last 6 months or so I have been trying to evaluate this whole blogging thing. Even though I go through seasons where I think I am done, this is not that season. I am loving it more than ever even though I keep on reading from others that blogging is on it's way out. This blog started as a personal journal of sorts and helped me grow in ways I never would have thought possible and I still feel as if it is still that in a way. Anyhow, my main problem is that my host has retired the squarespace 5 and moved on to a new format squarespace 6. They did this awhile ago, but I just tried to ignore it. The 5 app has stopped working and that is what kept me "good" at replying to comments and blogging in general. Now I find myself accidently ignoring comments and when life is busy I miss posting all together. I hate that. Why have I not made the update? Well my css is partly custom and it won't be a smooth transfer. This blog will become like an add-on similar to my old-blog above. I still remember the year I switched from blogspot to squarespace. It almost killed this little ole blog. It took me a good year to get my readers up again and the comments went from 50+ a day to nothing. My favorite part of blogging was the so called "conversation". I then had to succumb that this space is no longer that and won't be again. Boy do I sound whiny! HA. Not meaning too, just wanted to lay it all out there so you all can help me make my next decision. Should I or should I not make the switch to squarespace 6? Is it to risky a move? I used to blog for just myself, but these days I truly do just blog for you all. Would LOVE to hear your thoughts!


Six Years {fall favorite}

I missed my blog-anniversary again this year. The 12th marked my 6th year of blogging. That's just mind-boggling to me. I have evolved over the years and this blog has taken that journey with me. Some of the friendships I have made near and far would not have happened without this little ole' blog. I am grateful for you all. You know what I am also grateful for? It's starting to feel like fall!!! This morning as I walked the kiddos to school there was a briskness in the air. I threw on my new favorite new sweatshirt and jeans, donned a bare face, and this is the sarcastic look the Mr. grabbed when I arrived home. A fashion blogger I am not. You can view my outfit below and I was sure to include my other and maybe all time favorite sweatshirt that rarely left my body last year.