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4 Things {world market}


I kind of had fun doing last weeks 4 Things for Target. I thought it might become a little series. Today I am sharing 4 things from World Market that have served me well in projects that I have done. They all have great price points and look MUCH more expensive then they really are. Hopefully I will be able to show a few homes that they have made there way into as of late.

1 - Bookcase. I used two in a beach house make over that is currently in process. It flanks french doors and fills in the empty spaces in between.

2 - This owl lamp made a sweet addition to a nursery.

3 - I have used these rattan chair and currently would love to have them myself. Ha. They are great way to break up a dining set and keep it interesting.

4 - This settee I have used twice. One in a beach house nook and another as a dining banquette. The gray is a great tone.


In the Kitchen

Lately I have been wanting to be in the kitchen more. The Mr does most the cooking simply because he is MUCH better at it than me. I am sure the change of season has a lot to do with my new yearning. Spring to me signifies a new beginning. The warmer weather, the sea of green and the new buds put a refreshing energy in me. The raised veggie beds {will share soon} are coming along and I can't wait to add the actual veggies! The kiddos and I talk endlessly of all the yumminess that is in store for us. As you may or may not know I live gluten free and much of the time we are considered paleo. I simply feel better this way. While reading the April issue of SELF magazine I found myself quite excited about Gwyneth Paltrows new cook book, It's All Good. It's all about clean eating. They shared a few recipes and I can't wait to try them. I went ahead and pre ordered the new book {set to release April 2nd} with a gift card that I earned. I will let you know what I think once I get it!

She is quite the natural beauty isn't she. As a side note doesn't her new book blend seamlessly into my kitchen. It's like they belong together. ha.


Imagine That...

The kiddos had spring break last week and we could not have had any more fun. If you follow me on Instagram then I am sure you are well aware of all our going on's. ha. Some of the highlights were building raised veggie beds, fishing, going to the zoo with friends, having friends over and ice skating {my sister bestowed tickets to us}. I used a gift card to buy the wood for the beds and took the kiddos out for bagels for lunch. In all we probably spent less than $20, if even that. I must say I rather like being on a crazy budget. Takes out a lot of temptation to spend needlessly. Since I am still in child mode I thought I would share the kiddos favorite goods for imaginative play. They use both the castle and rocket as secret hide outs more than anything. I bought them on Zulily a little over a year ago for under $30 I believe. The kiddos and I put them together ourselves. They have held together well although KJ did break off the door to the rocket. I found the rocket here and could not find this exact castle, but thought this one was pretty close. Keep in mind these are HUGE. The kiddos rooms are small and they take up a good portion. I also think these could make for a fun birthday party. I know both Ellie and KJ's friends would get a kick out of decorating these! It could be a sort of art party.


4 Things {target}

Target is tempting. There really are no other words for it.

1 ~ When I saw this top in stores a couple of months ago I snatched it up along with the yellow gingham. I really do adore them. Cute dressed up or down which is what makes for a wardrobe staple in my book.

2 ~ I really wish you could see the detailing in this rug. It's good, really good. I am using it in a nursery that I am helping with.

3 ~ I spotted these outdoor ottomans this past week. I think they would be really cute around around an outdoor dining table. I would mix and match them.

4 ~ I know Marianne posted these shoes this week, but they are worthy of seeing again. I bought them when they first came out and wore them for KJ's birthday party. They most definitely will be my go to summer shoe.


In the Works {garden}

A couple years ago I had a gorgeous garden design drawn up, but alas our money always had to go somewhere else so we never bit the bullet. Of course now it most definitely won't happen. What I did do though was take her plan and scaled it WAY back. The kiddos helped me color up a plan. Granted all this won't happen anytime soon, but it is still fun to dream. One thing that we are doing, because in the long run I believe it will save us money, is making raised garden beds. I am going to do 3 - 3x6's towards the back. A friend sent me this site that is a dream to work with and help the beginning process. As for the dream part... The gate is on the bottom right, it will be sodded where the current rocks are being removed to be used by the raised beds, the flower beds are currently there. The Mr will have his grilling area on the right just passed one of the beds. It will sit in the current gravel. What I hope to do is divide our current fenced in yard into two areas. The L=Limelight Hydrangeas will be end capped with TO=Tea Olive's. This will form a 10 ft wide gap in between that will act as sort of gate. To the right will be the raised beds, gravel, and the current Rose Tree will remain. The current Limelight Hydrangea and Iceberg Roses that are here will be transplanted around the fence on the patio side to fill it in more. To the left the swingset will remain till the kiddos stop using it. I then hope to make this an area for dining. I will cover the fence in espalier fruit trees to hide the fence some more. A LOT of our current yard is bare due to poor sod when we moved in 6 years ago. I hope to add new sod to fill it in a tad. That's pretty much it. I think these simple changes will make a world of difference. One Day!!!! Here is a little inspiration...

I am aspiring to create a hedge like this. Capped with tea olive trees for some evergreen color during the winter months. A bench sitting in front of each would be quite fun too. Pots scattered about with boxwood and flowers for color would top it all off. Gorgeous right?

* Most importantly thank you all for your encouragment yesterday. It truly meant the world to me. Being transparent isn't always easy, but I quickly came to realize I have the BEST blog friends ever. Thank you.