Black & White

Black & white will never be a color combo that I will tire of. It's forever chic and for some reason never bores me. It also makes mixing and matching my wardrobe quite easy. These are some black & white pieces and images that have me inspired.


chandelier - would love to see in a high ceiling entry way or over a dining table.

wallpaper - ever so fun without being too childish for a mud room or bath.

quote - The always brilliant Ann Voskamp

bath - DOMINO is back!

rug - can't go wrong with a black and white dhurrie. Well unless you have a white dog or cat. HA.

office - my office needs a good revamping/cleaning this space has me inspired!

pots - wouldn't mind seeing this bakeware hanging out on open shelving. Maybe they even have powers to make me a good cook!

so chic - I like to think I am this effortless. HA.



West Elm Party {plus some creative peeps}

I really think Birmingham is becoming one of those places that people will come to shop. For years I went to Atlanta to do all my major shopping, but now I think I can just stay right at home. Go BIRMINGHAM! Last night I had the best time at the West Elm pre-grand opening party. It was one of those unexpected girls nights that I had no idea I needed so badly. Also I have found when you put 4 absolutely silly ladies in a smile booth we will manage to fall off the handle. HA. Compared to these three I am actually the old maiden, but that's okay. They inspire me greatly. They are genuine, creative, and have a knack to make life better. Joanna is one of the bloggers behind irrelephant. It is the most brillant blog. Inspires me to no end and makes me realize I need to step up my game. She is also gearing up to open a shop of hand crafted spoons. YES, she makes them herself!!! They are stunning. The branding of Joanna's shop, Felix Glen, was done by the next lady in the lineup Cana. She started off working for Jonathan Adler and now resides in Birmingham doing freelance work. Her portfolio is astounding to say the least. I want my life branded by her really. Then it's me and well, you know enough about her. HA. Ashley has been one of my besties for years, you have seen her face pop up a time or two here on the blog. She is one of my favorites and the most important thing you need to know about her currently is that they are in the process of adopting!!! I know you have heard it here before, but they still have some ways to raise all the money they need so if you any "extra" or looking for a good place to donate then I recommend giving to this life changing couple.


ladies you should know:




top six favorite West Elm picks:

this chair is a must... perfect for the office AND it swivels! It's firm, but still comfortable. Also the back of the chair hits the spot in my back that is always sore from editting all day long. {I am 5'3 FYI}

this door mat is simple yet so fun.

these pillows would be great to switch out for fall and winter. It will add a little bit of shine for the holidays. I do love a good pillow rotaion! This one and this one are my top contenders. Which would you pick?

this task lamp had me at hello! The green one I saw in store and was contemplating a spot to put it, but then I found this black and brass one online and now I know I need it in my life!

This pie dish would make for such a sweet present for a new mama, housewarming, hostess, etc. I would bestow it with an actual pie and let them find the sweet surprise at the end.

This dipped tote is divine. Of course I may have a slight tote addiction, but this one would be a happy addition.


Antiques at the Garden

This is one of those nerve wracking posts where I just hope that I labeled everyone correctly. HA. Maybe next year I will actually write everyone's info down and take my good camera, but for now this will have to do. The designer's rooms are in order in which I viewed them. I even went back twice for a more detailed look to most. Kind of like when I flip through a magazine quickly, but then go through it at least once more for a more in depth look. Am I the only one that does this?

The first room was by Iris of Iris of Co. My bestie who I toured the show with virtually knew everyone so I was able to speak with all the designers easily without coming off as creepy. Yay, me. I do wish I could have gotten a full shot of her space, but with so many people around it was hard to do. I did love this daybed vignette. I seriously could have packed up the whole thing and moved it into my own home. I also ogled over the gorgeous planters and plants.

This space was a collaborated effort between Betsy Brown and Jeremy Corkern. It really does look like it could have came right out of Betsy Brown's own home. She is one that has created a trademark look for herself and as I flip through any publication I can easily tell it's her's before even reading the name. She is quite fabulous to say the least. Jeremy Corkern only added to that fabulousness of the space with the architecture. It most definitely made this so called box come alive. I believe he also worked on Betsy Brown's actual home, but I wouldn't quote me on this.

This space was done by my friend Dana Wolter and architects Dungan & Nequette. On a side note I have gotten to know Dana over the years and she is one of the most humble, sweet spirited people I know. She inspires me to be a great mother and a better person in general. Of course, her design work is quite amazing too. She does a lot of custom work and it showed through in this space in a mighty way. There was a pair of these custom chaises and they were stunning!!! No detail was over looked and the amount of wood that was used to fill the custom log box must have been insane, there were two!

Andrew Brown is another one of those designers that has a trademark look. His is on the other spectrum with the use of vivid color and pattern. I toured his house last year and it was AMAZING! He is definitely in touch with the finer things such as the Dorothy Draper ram head console, Christian Lacroix wall coverings, and that doesn't even touch all the exquisite art that was represented. He does pattern, color and texture so well. It was definitley a space that needed a second a look and I am sure I would have seen new things by the fifth look even. He was as sweet as could be too.

Mark Kennamer is new to me designer, but I was in awe of his space. It kind of reminded me of our home, only much finer! I really wanted to pack up those pillows and just take them with me. This image does not do them justice at all. The luxe fabric choices were top notch. He had many fine antiques and the look was quite traditional, but it did not once feel old or stuck up. The mirrored end tables and bold black lamps made the space so fun. It most definitely had a gentlemen's look to it and that is a look I will never tire of. So timeless in my eyes.

This is the only space that I have no idea who did it, but it was too good not to share. It was very European and well, just plain pretty.

I was sure to link all the designers and architects. I recommend taking a few minutes and flipping through their portfolios. They left me quite inspired and I hope they do you too!


Leaf and Petal {a local stop}

Yesterday I went to the annual Antiques at the Garden event that is held here in town. It headlines some of the top designers, shops, and architects. Last year I may have embarrassingly fond over Bill Ingram, but this year I am proud to say I was much more put together. HA. I had the pleasure to meet Betsy Brown, Adam Brown, my real life friend Dana Wolter, and many more. I was preparing a small tour of the show, but then decided to hold off till next week just in case some of you had yet to go. I didn't want to spoil a thing. It's definitely a highlight for me. Instead I thought I would share a few things that caught my eye at Leaf & Petal. A favorite shop of mine at the Botanical Gardens.

I love everything about this set up, but am taking into serious consideration on buying a couple of these chairs. I think they would make great extra seating which we always seem to need.

The golden pears in a wooden bowl make for quite an arrangment. I have the bowl so maybe a few pears would be a good addition for fall. They were well priced at $3.99.

Monday I will post on the show! It was so good.


If I were to be buying new fall shoes these would be at the top of my list. Every pair would make my uniform of leggings and a tunic much more fun. I am LOVING the short boots as of late and of course I will forever be a flats girl. Don't the Ballet Sox with fleece lining look so cozy?


boots 1

boots 2

ballet flats

leopard love