A Steal 

Yesterday I was out with a friend who had to make a return at Gap. As I wandered the store I came across these on a super clearance. They were under $20.00!!! I loved the leather and the bows are sweet without being childish. Needless to say I fell head over heels and they headed home with me. Might be worth a trip to the local Gap for some cute steals.


5 years

Today marks the day that I have been blogging for 5 years! It seems like I have been doing this forever and at the same time it seems like no time at all. I am grateful for all you that still read and for those that helped me get this little blog off the ground. I know blogging is not what it used to be. There weren't too many of us at the start and now things like pinterest and instagram make blogs a much lesser source of inspiration, but I really do hope they stick around a little bit longer. So a huge thank you to giving me the drive to stay creative. Well, most of the time!



Yesterday when I received the October issue of Architectural Digest I was instantly in awe of Gisele Bu╠łndchen and Tom Brady's home. I hate to be a magazine spoiler so I am only showing the bathroom, but as you view this issue I just thought you might want to know that is I were a gazillionaire this might just be the home I would want to spend all my days. HA! It even has a vegetable garden! I love that it feels like a home and less like a show room, the Spanish details slay me in the best possible way, and did I mention it has a vegetable garden!?!?! It is very rare for me to fall head over heels for such a grand home, I seem to air on the side of cottage and quaint, but this home embodies that somehow. It's just so well done.

Image: Architectural Digest  | Photographer: Roger Davies



This week I received the newest Serena & Lily catalog and pretty much fell head over heels for their new wallpaper line. It is AMAZING to say the least.



Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend here in the states. It was the first wedding free weekend we have had in quite awhile. It afforded us time to update the Mr's site  with a few of the weddings we have done over the past few months. The site as a whole still needs an overhaul to match our current new branding, but that takes time and me brushing up on some css coding. YIKES. Anyhoo, we had the best time spending this long weekend as a family. The Mr taught the kiddos how to make bike ramps, yes you heard me right. I am thinking this will not end well, but time will tell. I just sat back on the porch and cringed after every jump, but I must say seeing their elated smiles made it somehow okay. Our flag still hangs from the 4th of July and every time I take it down I find myself putting it right back up. It just makes me happy.

We worked on a shoot for an upcoming Home Depot Challenge that I can't wait to share. Here is a snippet that tell's nothing except that my garden makes an appearance. The kiddos and the Mr really took part in this one so it made it extra fun and memorable.

We also made a stop into the book store to pick up the September issue of Better Homes and Gardens. My subscription lapsed, but that has been remedied. I kept on seeing it go through my instagram feed and knew I had to get my own copy. It's so good. During this time we stumbled upon the Summer issue of Fresh Style and I am pretty sure I have yet to mention that we are in it! I keep on planning on doing a "good post" about it, but time keeps passing me by. Soon though!

Also I failed to give a thank you for all the tips to improve this ole' blog of mine. I will be crunching away at them very soon! I did manage to figure out how to open a link in a new window from here on out...I think. I also figured out a way for those who would like to can subscribe to Two Ellie and recieve new posts via email. It now resides in the top bar. Only takes a minute. I also decided to keep the RSS feed since some of you still use it. I have found that feedly does give it a "close enough" look though. HA. Thank you!!!!