Pretty Please

What is this oddity you may ask. Well, our local Hoover Toyota is hosting a giveaway! To enter you had to make a short video and then do the annoying thing and try to get people to vote for it. Ha. The prize is a Toyota Camry. How fabulous would that be!?!?! We entered VERY late and we are WAY behind in votes {I think the top contender has over 700} so I thought I would reach out here and see if you all would be kind enough to vote for us!!! Pretty please?

*by the way I am obviously not an actor.

*We are labeled the Coldiron Family and the Camry with Ellie's sweet face on it.



Father's Day Giveaway!

On Mother's Day once KJ handed me over his card his immediate response was "when is Father's Day?!?!". Needless to say we have been looking forward to this day for quite some time. Ha. Minted was gracious enough to host another giveway for Two Ellie friends. They are giving away 150 free greeting cards to you all! I have to say that leaves quite a few chances to win! I think their cards are quite smart, fun, and unique which are all wins in my book.

So easy to enter... just enter your info here and you are signed up!

They also have the best art, stationary, notebooks, etc... Just a thought if you have yet to pick a Father's Day gift out.



I hope you all are having a great week! I for one am loving having the babies at home. For Memorial Day we went to a cookout at some long time friends. They just moved into a new fabulous house that I had the pleasure of decorating. I will hopefully share that soon. It's a good example of using what you have in new ways in order to make you love it all over again. Now back to the day at hand... We had a blast and I am grateful that the Mr brought the camera. These are the days I want to remember. There was a house full, but wasn't sure who really wanted their pic on the blog. Ha. These friends I knew wouldn't mind. Best of friends, wives of Act of Congress, and Jessica also indulged us in getting a pic of the Mr and I. It was a great way to kick off summer even if I didn't wrap up all my decorating jobs like I hoped I would before the kiddos got out of school. Life is good.

*giveaway coming up tomorrow!

*also need new sunnies. These obviously have been sat on one to many times. Ha


How Does Your Garden Grow?

Today is the last day of school and I could not be any more excited! We don't have big plans, but I do know tending the garden will be high on our list. I really need to do an update on the raised veggie beds soon. They are doing great! The kiddos have picked strawberries and snap peas thus far. The downside from growing most from seed is that we have to wait longer to harvest. Oh well. While the Mr was getting his hair cut I came across the top image in Travel & Leisure. I am smitten! A dream garden for me really. The bottom is a snippet from one of our beds. It's starting to fill in quite nicely. Needs a bit of weeding, but that is on next weeks agenda. Getting my hands dirty is my favorite.


Just Plain Crazy

This man gets me. To be honest I have been highly overwhelmed with life lately. Not that I don't LOVE it, but in the work area I had a couple of deadlines change to the sooner and some of the jobs are bargain busters which I personally think I am quite good at and enjoy doing. The only problem with those is that I have to shop around A LOT. I can't even tell you how many Home Goods, TJ Maxx, antique malls, etc trips I have made this past month. Oh, and let's not forget wedding season is in full swing. Two this past weekend, three next weekend, and so on. That is a lot of editing. On top of it all my eyes have been going wonky after a few hours at the computer which then leads me to throwing up and migraines. Lovely I tell you. Thankfully I feel as if I finally have a handle on things again and am feeling like I could very well be a fun mother and wife this summer which starts on Wednesday. That was my biggest worry. I don't want to miss out on the "important" stuff. I know full and well that I can not carry the work load of been doing with the kiddos at home. Oh, and the money thing is still a bother. I have slacked in so many ways as a wife, mother, and household duties, for lack of a better word, and am ever so grateful that that this man stepped it up full fold and took care of all grocery shopping, cooking, and many days, the cleaning. He has been a super hero to the kiddos and has allowed me to be plain crazy without a complaint. He kind of rocks.