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Cozy Mornings

During my 21 days of Prayer I have been getting up extra early every morning. I am really hoping to make my early awakening a habit. I have been adoring my morning time with God and the additional time it gives me in the am to simply get things done. I seem to be happier really. Of course the new early mornings have me yearning to keep them cozy. My favorite tea or coffee is a great way to start. Having them in a pretty new mug helps too. My slippers keep my feet warm and they don't come off till after I arrive back home from carpool line. One of my favorite candles, introduced to me by Brooke, burning adds a warm glow to my space till the sun rises. Last but not least a cozy sweatshirt is a must.


Creating a Space

I have had the pleasure on working on a home that needed just a bit of pulling together. For the last couple of years they have been renovating a foreclosure. Once it came to adding the finishing touches they became just a tad burnt out. I was so happy when they asked me to come to the rescue. Thus far we have done the office, bath, and I am currently working on an area for their daughter. She is at the age where toy playing is still fun yet crafting and homework are beginning to trump. All this to say it needed to be able to transition stages easily. This is the beginning stages of the plan. I decided a bar height table would be fun. I know my kiddos love to sit up high. The best part, it can also serve as a fort. They went with the first table by the way. Next up is the kitchen and dining area! I just adore helping people love their homes in a new way. Hopefully I will be able to share a few photos once it finishes up.


Painted Floors

Yesterday I came across Jessica Thuston's kitchen in a Southern Living email. She is one that I have posted MANY times before. I was absolutely smitten instantly. The whole thing is good, really good, but the floors is what grabbed my attention first. She simply painted out the hardwoods into a sort of rug with painters tape. What a statement it makes for very little cost. I am sure it will only gets better with age as it wears with use.

Of course, as it usually goes, this little e-mail sent me down a winding path to find more painted floors. These are a few that jumped out at me...

Looks like most of these would be easy to accomplish with painters tape or a good stencil. Would you dare to do such a thing? I personally would love to, but since this is not our "forever" house I would not attempt it. Wonder if I could do this over the linoleum in the laundry room though instead of a rug. Now that would be something that I wouldn't mind trying!


1 and 2 Southern Living

3 Elle Decor via Perfect Gray

4 Not Sure. Let me know if you do!

5 Apartment Therapy

6 Country Living

7 by Nate Burkus

8 Cottage Living


Show Girl

Over the weekend Ellie was in her second horseshow. She was so confident and this mama was beaming with pride. She was in two classes and came away with a first and second. She rode better than I have ever seen her do before. She looked like a little pro. She simply amazes me. Sweet Ellie is already awaiting her next show.

*pics taken with iPhone. Bad mom/photographer moment. Ha


As of Late {inspired images}

For those of you who don't instagram with me these are a few things that have inspired me as of late...

If you recall we had a beautiful design drawn up for our yard out back, unfortunately due to budget constraints it's just not a smart move for us right now. There are a couple of things that I do hope to accomplish and that I have been slowly saving up for. First on my list is to add pavers among our gravel and remove part of the garden in that one area. It has become weedy and out of control. It really looks awful. I think something just like this would help make it look uniform and give the Mr. a great area to grill in.

Jennifer Morrison's house was in the February issue of InStyle. I instantly fell head over heels for it. The kitchen I am absolutly fawning over. Can't get it out of my mind really.

This is Fishy Fish. He was KJ's one Christmas wish. I thought I wouldn't be a fish kind of person, but I must say I have enjoyed having him around. At times I find myself just sitting there watching him. The Mr thinks I am crazy. Ha! The bowl is by umbra and I couldn't be any more happy with it. You can also buy multiplies and they can stack. He sits in our kitchen and it adds a modern element that I love.

This was my first book of the year to read. We choose it for our book club, which I adore by the way. We read a book a month then meet for dinner at various places around town and discuss. Such a fun night that I eagerly look forward to. I read The Great Gatsby in High School and we won't even discuss how long ago that was. It was quick, easy, and a great read. I can't wait for the movie!