Being Black & White

I LOVE summer. I love having the kiddos home. I love the heat. I love eating outdoors. I love gardening. I love being able to sleep in-ish. Although I still love all these things, this summer has been a bit different. This is my first year working on top of our regular photography schedule  and being a so called stay at home mom. I tried my hardest to get everything coasting before school let out, but alas a few hold ups set me back. All this to say I now have two of the best design assistants out there. They have helped on mini-installs, deliveries, pick-ups and the choosing of many design elements. Is it easy? No, not in the least. I feel as though I am constantly juggling. Not in a bad way, but it is quite the balancing act.

The toughest part of the whole working with two kids in tow is keeping up with our own house. I have tried to do a good cleaning once a week with the help of them and then we do mini sessions throughout the week with the help of the Mr. It's all about keep up I have slowly learned. I can not even tell you how many loads of laundry I did yesterday. Oh, and there may have been a few times that I just sat in the middle of the floor and cried over it. Silly I know. Does this print not just say it all??? I think I should hang it predominantly.

 I have been adding in fun elements for the kiddos too. Don't worry there. I firmly believe in a lot of play. They are at a great age where they enjoy doing there own thing together outdoors thankfully, but to be honest it has been hard to balance. Although I believe I have said that already.

And, since I am being all black and white on the matter doesn't Celerie Kemble's book seem quite appropriate. She's pretty much the bee's knees. I wonder how she has balanced all? And to think her projects make mine look like drops in the bucket. Ha.

Oh, and don't get me wrong. I am enjoying the process of learning and designing immensely on most days. I just want ot do all parts of life well and I am just not sure what that takes. I am figuring it out though, slowly that is.


How does my Garden Grow {an update}

As the kiddos played outdoors the other day and as the storms rolled in I grabbed a few iPhone pics of the progress that has been made in our yard. May not look like much, but it has made leaps and bounds! Ha. The veggie beds are doing great. They are completely organic and GMO free. Most started from seed minus the center tomato plants and the strawberries hence why they aren't huge as of yet. I am sure a healthy dose of Miracle Grow would do wonders, but alas that would defeat the purpose. To the left of the patio I planted more limelight hydrangeas to make a full hedge. They grow so quickly I know next year this will make such an impact. A few things left on my list to do is to stain the play set a dark black/green, add sod to all the missing places, and make a grilling station for the Mr. My sweet papa is also going to head up making a pergola over the patio for some shade. Can't wait to cover it in vines. My initial thought is Jasmine for it's evergreen tendancy's, but wisteria could be quite a show-stopper too.

TIDBIT: I bought the coil hoses at Target, but have this one on my radar. With so much everyday use the ends have already started to kink and this one has GREAT reviews. The coil has been a life changer this season. Not sure why it took me so long to convert.


How Gorgeous

This lady is not only gorgeous on the outside, but on the inside as well. I have been a long time follower of her blog and adore her honesty and wit. Kera lives with her husband and three children in Abu Dhabi, UAE. How fabulous is that? She has recently launched a new shop, Interwoven, that I adore. It showcases textiles that she has found during her travels. Lucky us!

Here are a few things from her shop that I am pretty much smitten with...

Are they not stunning?!?!? Of course I had to build a space around one, an entry way to be exact...

1. Mirror

2. Lamp

3. Boxes

4. Chest

5. Rug

*** The best part is Kera is offering Two Ellie readers 20% off an entire order from Interwoven starting now until June 26th at midnight EST. Enter code: TWOELLIE***

 LAST BUT NOT LEAST she has a Instagram contest going on...

Giving away a 3x2 Kashmiri rug to two lucky winners 

Here are the rules:

1. Check out our website

2. Like us on on Facebook

3. Follow us on Instagram- (@interwoven) and repost your favorite image from our feed. Tag us @interwoven and hashtag #weareinterwoven. Include WHY YOUR SPACE NEEDS INTERWOVEN in your post ( Private IG accounts must leave a comment on original contest post)


4 Things {good buys}

Nothing like a mid morning post to start my day. It was going to be my first thing to do, but then I got in the answering email mode and well it took me hours. Boo. Another thing I checked off my list was to unsubscribe from a ridiculous amount of email shops, newsletters, etc. Since we are in money saving mode I have made a good habit of deleting them as soon as they appear, but after a while it gets a bit annoying. One shop I did not unsubcribe from was Everlane. I own quite a few of thier tee's and am in love. They have yet to fall apart with many wears and are as soft as can be. They also don't hug which is something I like to avoid. They just released a new sandal that I am trying my hardest not to buy, but I do love the way they look. Not like I need another tote, but this one is on my radar too. I really am in LOVE with this shop. It's casual, classic and hard wearing just like me.


Scott's {part 2 - Atlanta}

The second day of my trip to Atlanta started with a trip Scotts. I have been a few times before, but I must say shopping with Marianne is a new whole level. She was there to shop for a client and shop she did! I am rather excited to see this project she has come together. The pieces she choose were exquisite to say the least. Anyhow, I made sure to make a stop into Maison de France. A favorite of mine and they are actually located in my small town. I hope to visit their shop here and do a full blog post on it soon! It really is quite special.

I also came across these. It's an old process of photography that is not really used much anymore. The images actually come out on metal sheets. Of course I was in awe. My favorite was the stack of books. I could easily see them framed against a piece of linen and floated. They are by Josiah Morgan.

Tiffany is quite beautiful inside and out...

This was a print, but I loved it so much! The colors were so rich.

I may have gotten too giddy over the rosemary topiaries. Of course one had to come home with me! I also bought a bench that needs recovering from here. The two chairs I only wished I needed for a project! I could see them recovered in a fun pattern or a simple linen. These are the times I wish I had a warehouse.

LOVED these lamps. They are from England and were priced a tad too high and by a tad I mean crazy high.

Who is the adorable one in all white chatting with Marianne? It's the one and only Sherry Hart from Design Indulgence. She was fun as can be and enjoyed her company immensely.

So much art to feast my eyes on! If the Mr had a home office I would love these hanging in a grid against a dark walls. They are so him!

I thought this piece would be fabulous for a screened in porch. Again, I need a warehouse...

My weakness for pillows came to an all time high here. I did buy one, I just couldn't pass it by. I was in search for a new lumbar for the sofa anyway. The current fur one just didn't work with summer weather. Of course, I went with a neutral.

Last but not least, who else did we run into? Donna from A Perfect Gray!!!! Spending time with these ladies was truly such a treat. My creativity was stirred and my drive jumped up a few notches. I also learned so much about the design buisness. Can't wait to meet again!

{Me, Donna from Perfect Gray, Tiffany from Savor Home, Sherry from Design Indulgence, Marianne from Marianne Simon Design}