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A Lavender Cake {gluten free}

Over the Holiday I came across some Gluten Free mixes at Home Goods. I grabbed them up so quickly it may have bordered on embarrassment. One of the mixes was a lavender cake by Wholesome Chow and I must say it was AMAZING!!! It was super easy to make and most importantly it tasted like a true treat. I personally liked it warmed up so days after I put it in the microwave for a quick reheat. I enjoyed it both for breakfast and dessert. I hope to try some more flavors out soon! The Chai Spice cake is on my radar once my month + of Paleo becomes more relaxed. I always enjoy a good body detox during my 21 days of prayer. Yes I am a walking contradiction. Ha.


Well Done {Kelly McGuill}

I can't even tell you the last time I have browsed the web for inspiration. Lately I have been taken a liking to lounging on the sofa with a good magazine. The other day I did take the time to view a few of my old blog reads and I must say I had forgotten how brilliant Kelly McGuill was. She is a woman of many talents and decorating just happens to be one of them. I was thrilled to find out she also began blogging again on O so D. Here are a few spaces from her home featured in Yankee this past fall. I love the mix of new and old. Her collections are well curated and keep the space from looking cluttered. What I love most though is that they look like spaces that can be lived in and lived in well. She is one I will not forget anytime soon.

Photos for Yankee; photographed by Eric Roth


A Resolution of sorts {finding purpose}

It seems I took a longer blogging break than I anticipated. We had the most fabulous break needless to say. Having the kiddos and the Mr (mostly) home with me for even a bit thoroughly did this mama some good. If you have been around awhile you know the last few years I have picked a word that I dwell on and try to encompass in every way over a years span. In years past I have used simplicity twice and gratitude. This year I find "PURPOSE" being a good word. I must admit once both kiddos went to school I have been a bit at a loss. I have been exercising many of my creative outlets with the shop, photography, decorating, and I could go on and on, but not a one feels like a solid foundation. I feel scattered. I married a couple a months out of college, became pregnant 3 months later and ever since have found my identity in being a mother. It is who I am and what I enjoy even though I may not be the best at it. I look at both Ellie and KJ and am astonished that God entrusted me with them, the two most amazing beings. I also am well aware that I am still one and will forever be, but my role is changing. Although I am still a main character in their lives I have become one of many. They are becoming their own person and I serve as more of a guide rather than their soul source. All this to say it has been hard on me even though this is the way life is suppose to go. Eleven years ago today I dedicated my life to God. I was in the darkest time of my life and He saved me. I knew then I wasn't suppose to go through life just "living", but with PURPOSE. This is the year that I find my new PURPOSE whatever that may be. To stop dabbling and what feels to me like floating which for my type personality does me no good. I feel like my mind is everywhere and I am continually missing/forgetting important things and honestly not doing life well. Even if I do find that many of my dabbling's are PURPOSE filled I want to do them well, organized, and with all my heart. I want/need to be God led. I need PURPOSE and I am determined to make it happen in this new season of life. Our church at the start of every year goes through 21 days of fasting and prayer. Lives are changed during this 21 days. This 21 days I am praying to become more aligned with God's PURPOSE for me. Join us if you like online. 2013 you shall be a good year.

Many plans are in a man’s mind, but it is the Lord’s purpose for him that will stand.

Proverbs 19:21

What word would describe this year for you? Do you have one?

*Enough for deep thoughts, tomorrow I will return with the prettiness of life.


Merry Christmas!!!

I hope you all have the most wonderful Christmas!!! I know this year will be extra special for us. On Friday we had quite the scare with KJ. He was struggling in the breathing department. We thought it was his asthma which only flares up when he is sick which he was not, but all his meds weren't working. We ended up in the emergency room where in the end it was Stridor Croup. The odd thing is he wasn't sick before hand which normally leads to croup and he is passed the marked age of children who get it. Normally it's found in babies. He received a heavy dose of steroids and another breathing treatment that reduces the swelling in the throat. We stayed a few hours to make sure it didn't try to reclose. I must say that day I was a bit numb and just went through the motions and by Saturday I was a wreck. Who knows what would have happened if I just tried to wait out the asthma with his regular treatments. Now he is completely fine and quite tired of me asking him how he feels.

Of course, our favorite reason for Christmas and who was completely my strength on that Friday...

The brilliant calligraphy was drawn out by my talented friend Haley, a local calligrapher, and I painted it in. Will post more about it next week!

Merry Christmas!!!


Decorating with Luv Cooks {of the cookie sort}

The start of December began a little series featuring some of my most talented friends. I have many so this series may take awhile. Today I have Callie of Luv Cooks sharing a family favorite, cookie decorating! This activity has become somewhat of a tradition over the years. We do them with friends, family, and of course the neighbors are always overjoyed to get what I like to refer to as the "creative" cookie. Ha.

Callie has many talents, but one of her greatest pleasures is cooking for others. She has a southern charm that simply can't be matched and a heart of gold. Having her in my life has truly made me a better person. Oh, and the kiddos LUV her. Needless to say this past Sunday we had a blast decorating cookies with Callie. She also quickly learned the children, especially mine, go all out when it comes to decorating. Needless to say I owe her a big Williams & Sonoma gift card.

Can you tell which are Callie's and with are Ellie's & KJ's? Ha. Also I may be the last to hear of Sanding Sugar, but it really is so fun. A little icing and a light dusting of the sugar makes it sparkle. Callie's came from Willians & Sonoma. I would LOVE to try a gold too.

Of course, what is decorating cookies without being able to eat some along the way!

The cookies make for great teacher, neighbor, and really anyone who may need an extra treat gift. Once the icing is dry they can easily be put in cellophane bags and tied with a pretty bow. So easy and fun! The bags can be found in most craft stores and of course etsy always comes to the rescue.

Thank you Callie for such a fun day! To get the full recipie for the cookies with and without the glaze you can go to Callie's blog, Luv Cooks. I hear they were delicious! Next time gluten free ones, but of course they would all be for me.

Talented Friends:

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