Coming up Roses

I had the most wonderful Mother's Day. I am sick as can be, but none the less it was quite special. I think my favorite part was just seeing the excitement on the kiddos faces knowing that they just may explode in anticipation on what they had in store for me.  The Mr went above and beyond with gifts. A new everyday dinnerware set which I just adore. I must say this image does not do it it justice. I was also sent this from a brilliant illustrator, calligrapher and friend, Kaitlin Slattery. It's the quote I grabbed onto the year I started blogging and it has made an appearance still after many blog redesigns. It rings true now just as much as it does then.


Urban Farming

Ellie and KJ both go to a small Christian private school. We could not adore it anymore. The teachers love all things hands on. Ellie's teacher especially. She even has chickens of her very own. Yesterday her class had the pleasure of going to Jones Urban Farm in downtown Birmingham. I must say I fell in love! It's a full running vegetable farm and has chickens! At the end the kids harvested their own strawberries and made smoothies that contained 9 fruits. It was such a great hands on learning experience and made Ellie even more excited about our own vegetables growing in this summer. Now only if I could make our own yard look like this urban farm!


Spring has Sprung {in the entry}

You know me and my love for changing things around. Well, as of late of have been working on so many others homes that I have no desire to change a thing of my own. I am sure the Mr is jumping for joy. Ha. One thing I did change up up though was our entry table. After having fun colors up for Valentines and Easter it seemed so dull for spring. I didn't do much. I rearranged a few pictures that were already there, added the scripture canvas, put out a summer candle, and left the terrarium that was added by Fresh Style Magazine when they came and shot the house. I must say it puts a spring in my step. The canvas is by Lindsay Letters and having it as I come and go reminds me of all my blessings.


Working Away {rosemary beach house}

I got back from my 24 hour trip to Rosemary on Wednesday night. The house is 99% complete. Also found out it will be on the Rosemary Beach house tour on the 18th I believe. So much fun! Anyhoo, here is a little look in. It was a complete redo. I will post more pics next week!


Baby Steps

I am working on this condo for a newlywed couple. It's a rental while her Mr finishes up medical school for the next two years. Being their first home together I am trying to blend both their styles into one. He is very masculine and she is highly feminine. She would rather not have ducks on the wall and he would like to keep the florals at bay. They are also trying to move away from the college apartment look and into something a bit more sophisticated. It has been a fun process needless to say. The main theme they both have a passion for is art! We had plenty to make a gallery wall which completely transformed the mirror wall in the dining area. This image is a "during" shot. I will finish it up tomorrow hopefully. The only other space I had time to work on was the bar area. They already owned all the stem ware so my job was to simply make it look good. The Mr. and I aren't drinkers, but I have ALWAYS wanted to work on a bar area. Dreams do come true. Ha. Oh how I wish I could change out that faucet to something like this!