This little lady turns 8 this weekend. Eight seems like such a big number. She went to horse camp all this past week and she had a blast. Was exhausted, but had a blast. She has the sweetest spirit, is a prayer warrior, and finds the good in everything. I wish I was more like her most days. She is calm and collected and when she let's loss she can dance with madness. I am blessed that she is mine.


Advice Please!

For my birthday, which is in August, my parents gifted me a pergola. My papa and I spent a week and built one that he designed. It's been quite some time since we had that much quality time together and I can honestly say that part was my favorite. Is it not gorgeous??? In a few month's it should become a more weathered gray like the fence.

Our backyard gets sun ALL day long. It's hot. This provides some protection now. YAY! Now I would LOVE some of your advice. I already bought string lights to hang, but my question is should I put a dining area here or more of a lounging space? I could easily see us using both. I keep on flip flopping on ideas so I thought you all could be of some help! The fire pit will be moved of course and I am playing around with the idea of stenciling the floor. Also the back door needs a good paint job once again. I don't mind this color, but am wondering if I should try something different, thoughts?

Oh, and here's and updated photo of all the limelights blooming. Next year it should be more of a full wall. Can't wait! We also plan on adding sod in the fall. We have so many barren spots. boo.


The Kitchen Garden {an update}

I have been wanting to do a kitchen garden update for some time. Instead of waiting any longer for me to pull out the good camera I decided to just snap some iPhone pics. With wedding season in full swing the last thing I want to do is edit personal pics. Ha. I am sure if you happen to follow me on instagram you can easily tell how much I LOVE having a garden. It's been a fun project for both the kiddos and I. It relaxes me to no end. It's even better since things actually came to life. In the back of my head I was afraid that it simply would not work. Our garden is organic and gmo free. I have had to battle bunnies and bugs. Sometimes they win and sometimes I do.

These are either zucchini or cumber. I am still learning along the way needless to say. The lettuce flowered and became bitter. Had no idea that would happen. Again learning as I go. Will most definitely try lettuce again when it cools off. Apparently it's more of a cool weather plant not an Alabama heat kind of one.

I added zinnias for cutting and to draw bee's for pollination and to help keep bad bugs at bay. I had no idea they would do so well! The more you cut the more they come back.

The okra came in with abundance. The kiddos absolutely adore picking new finds and even trying everything that they have grown.

These were a surprise to me. I never planted sunflowers, but yet here they are!

The watermelon may be what I am most excited about. One now has a big old black spot on it. Heart breaking really. Any of you know of a good way to keep pests at bay organically?

This is from yesterdays bounty. Yum! It makes me want to add more beds, but alas we have a small yard and it's filling quickly.

You can see the start of the garden here.



Some social media friends you just know one day will be face to face friends. Lizzie happens to be one of those. She is kind as can be and endlessly inspires me through her instagram. She was lucky enough to visit the Coastal Living idea house recently and was kind enough to send me some images to fawn over. I don't want to spoil the whole thing so I only choose a few images that made me fall head over heels in love.

The first was this hall. Looks like it may be the one upstairs. Is it not jaw dropping amazing?  I would also love to see this as a main entry hall. It's very simple, but the pink really sends it over the edge for me. I still dream of having a sofa in this color. Maybe one day I will be ever so bold!

My second favorite room is what I think is the breakfast room. The blue bead board ceiling, walls of windows, and comfy seating that lends itself to hours spent around the table. Looks perfect for dinner with friends, family game nights, and even a little quiet time with a cup a coffee in the morning. I am pretty sure this would be a go to spot for me.

Thank you Lizzie for sharing!!! Seriously made my day!



I feel like I am FINALLY getting a handle on things again. I have had some great decorating clients that have kept me quite busy over the past few months. This week I have two of my most time consuming ones 99% wrapped up. Would be 100% finished if the deliveries would just come already. I will take better pics once they are completely finished.

The first was more of a revamping. The owner had it done 7 years ago, but was ready for something lighter and younger feeling. The room gets really dark and all the dark brown was making it fall flat. What I did was add a new coffee table, had custom pillows and slipcovers made, added art, and re-accessorized with a few new things, but mostly used her current things in new ways. The whole room feels so different! I just love how reworking a few pieces really can change up a whole space. It also shows how buying well thought out pieces from the beginning and investing in a few good pieces really can carry you throughout life.

Now this job really did take over my life for a bit. Ha. It was a condo for newlyweds. My job was to make two decidedly different tastes become one. We used mostly all there current pieces with the addition of new living room furniture, bedding, bath accessories, etc. Really all the things they had yet to own. My job was to make it all feel cohesive. I must say this is much harder than one would think. It really makes me have to think outside of the box to make some pieces work and to make it all flow together well. This condo is a rental so we could only do so much and I wanted to ONLY invest in things that they can use in their next home. For this room in particular the chairs were the Mr's and I recovered them, the table was actually the landlords table and she said I could use it for this project, the art is a suzani the Mrs had and I had framed. This space is small and I wanted it to become a space for her to come have breakfast and do her morning prayer time. A sanctuary of sorts.

Now to get officially back to my blogging schedule next week! I've miseed this! Hope you all are well...