Adding to the Resume 

I love to shoot weddings, I love to shoot details, I love to shoot people and last week I learned that I love to shoot pets. Ha. I was doing a friends maternity shoot and these two are what we will call their first babies. They are as sweet as can be. So YES, I think I will add pet photographer to my resume too.

*So sorry for the absence last week. We have all been fighting off a bought of something. The bombing didn't help matters either. Not sure if whatever this is or it is making me feel worse. I grew up outside of Boston and I still consider it my home town. Have family there and they were affected greatly as most Bostonian's were. Just awful. This past weekend the Mr made a valiant effort to give us a fun family weekend. He had a shoot out of town so we went with and spent a night out of town. It was the time we needed for a recharge. I can not even tell you how grateful I am to have him and the babies in my life. Words simply would not suffice. 


Here and There {a few homes I have worked on}

I very rarely show the homes that I help decorate, but this week I had the pleasure of checking in on a few so I grabbed some iPhone pics and thought I would share. These are not styled up. These are how people live. When I wrap up more I will grab some more images with our good camera and really share!

This is the home of a friend that I have helped in the past. I shared their beach carriage house here. I am currently helping with the main house at the beach. This is their main living room in their everyday home. They wanted it to become a space they actually use and make it more of a den. She was ready to do away their old scheme of red and gold's and go neutral and serene. She wanted to walk in and feel peaceful. Where the tv sits now used to be a huge built in cabinet made for a tiny tv. We had it cut down to fit a movie worthy screen. As I took this image I sat in one of two chaises that flank a beautiful fireplace. This is only a snippet of quite a grand {as in huge} room.

This is another house that I have been working on. They have been slowly but surely renovating it. When It came to the final decorating touches they were simply burnt out and ready to hand it over. They started of with some gorgeous pieces already. All the rugs are amazing!!! This used to be a dining room at the front of the house. They never needed another eating space, but were in need of an office space. These are only 2 snippets, but I think you get the idea. The rug, desk and chairs were brilliant buys from the homeowners that were worthy of building around. The sconces where already in place. She originally wanted them removed all together, but I knew I could make them work. I honestly loved the shape. I centered the desk and added large scale frames + prints and voila they sconces now add to the space rather than take away. The sofa now makes this a room they actually use more often. I so believe in using every bit of your home.

This is from the same home as above. The sconces were already there as was the sink and counter tops. She was at a loss on how to make it work for them rather than fight against the style they inherited from the previous homeowner. I honestly didn't do much. We added some fouta towels layered over cotton ones. I added brass candle holders and the antique mirror. Sometimes simple changes can make all the difference.

The final home visit I had this week was to this house. It is stunning!!! She had it done {not by me} about 7 years ago, but is ready for a change. Most of her kids are off to college and she is ready to simplify in a big way. This bookshelf was once filled with plates, knick knacks, and books. It was gorgeous, but not the direction she wanted to go in any longer. I added the black pots for a graphic element and rearranged what she already had. I really can't wait for the furniture to come in for this space. It will be quite a before and after. Both designs are beautiful, but very different. It will also show how buying a few classic pieces can work in two completely different design schemes.

So there you have it! Only a few snippets. Each home was done on completely different budgets and had completely different needs. The first was a "everything is going" room and do what you want. The second was working with what they started, but needed help polishing it off. The third home is working with what they have + a few new pieces and coming up with a whole new look. As long as everyone is nice then I will be sure to share more often. Ha.


4 Things {shoes}

If I were in a spot where shopping was doable then these would be on my list. With every season change I find a new need to buy a pair. Not this year though! This year I am pairing down. Anyhow, I thought I would share just incase you all were in a shopping mood. Ha.

1. I own one's that are similar to these. I wear them with dresses, jeans and my jcrew minnie's. They read like a classic to me.

2. I may never tire of a good t-strap sandal. Shorts, skinny's and dresses make these very versatile. Sometimes simple is just better.

3. I love a good wedge. I especially love one's that look like this! I love the rich leather mixed with the wood heel. I think these would be great for my petite self. The way the ankle strap dips down in the center wouldn't cut off my leg at a funny spot and help elongate the leg rather than make it look stumpy. I need as much help as I can in the height department!

4. A zipper back shoe is one on my faves. They stay in place well especially when I need to be fast paced like days at the park with the kiddos or while shooting a wedding. The little wedge I am sure would be kind to my back too. These would cut my leg off at the funny spot, but the color makes this okay. It would sort of blend more into my skin rather than stick out like a sore thumb.


So Good {bedding}

This bedding almost makes me want to sell all my frye boots so I can get it. It really is so good.



The Beginnings of a Kitchen Garden

I am ALMOST too embarrassed to show you all the beginning of my kitchen garden. I am hoping in about a month or two this space will look completely transformed. I thought it would be fun to show the process though. I decided to start this project simply for better for us vegetables. I have been reading up on GMO's and such and decided that doing it myself was worth a shot. The beds are completely organic and of heirloom variety. This means the seed is original and hasn't been modified. With all our health issues I thought it was worth a shot. Without further adieu here it is...

See? Not too pretty yet, but highly functional. I made the beds myself out of cedar planks. Each board has a slight defect so I got them half off! For this use the "defects" didn't matter. I took a 12ft plank and divided it to make (2) 6ft boards and a 8ft plank to make (2) 4ft boards for each bed. They are 8 inches high. We have space for 3 beds along the back fence. The playset is to the left {or behind me in the below image}. I attached each plank to a . I then laid newspapers at the bottom to discourage any weeds. A thin layer {maybe and inch or so} of pebbles were next. The soil + compost finished them off. I do need to add a few more cages of some sort for the extra tomatoes that I planted. I have some time though.

We bought the compost and soil conditioner locally from Andy's. A nearby friend and I shared truck loads. Mine took about one truck with left overs. That same friend came over and helped grid my beds into 1ft squares.  We did tomatoes and peppers from starter plants she did inside. The rest we are trying with seed. Below you can see where each seed is planted. Some are a single seed to a square and some have multiple. I even dedicated the middle bed to watermelons and zinnias which I have yet to plant. I am hoping the zinnias will attract bees & butterflies for pollinating. They will also be great for cutting! This is what I am starting with...

I can't tell you how much fun this project has been. The kiddos have also gotten REALLY into it. I am thinking this is going to keep us busy this summer and will make not having a vacation seem like not quite a big deal. We are probably going to wire fence this area in to keep safe. We get occasional bunnies and a pup that likes to wander. I also think it will help make it feel a little more secret garden like and that will make it extra fun for the kiddos! In the end I am hoping it will look like a very miniature version of this gorgeous kitchen garden...

A girl can dream, right?