Making Decisions... {I need your help}

The last 6 months or so I have been trying to evaluate this whole blogging thing. Even though I go through seasons where I think I am done, this is not that season. I am loving it more than ever even though I keep on reading from others that blogging is on it's way out. This blog started as a personal journal of sorts and helped me grow in ways I never would have thought possible and I still feel as if it is still that in a way. Anyhow, my main problem is that my host has retired the squarespace 5 and moved on to a new format squarespace 6. They did this awhile ago, but I just tried to ignore it. The 5 app has stopped working and that is what kept me "good" at replying to comments and blogging in general. Now I find myself accidently ignoring comments and when life is busy I miss posting all together. I hate that. Why have I not made the update? Well my css is partly custom and it won't be a smooth transfer. This blog will become like an add-on similar to my old-blog above. I still remember the year I switched from blogspot to squarespace. It almost killed this little ole blog. It took me a good year to get my readers up again and the comments went from 50+ a day to nothing. My favorite part of blogging was the so called "conversation". I then had to succumb that this space is no longer that and won't be again. Boy do I sound whiny! HA. Not meaning too, just wanted to lay it all out there so you all can help me make my next decision. Should I or should I not make the switch to squarespace 6? Is it to risky a move? I used to blog for just myself, but these days I truly do just blog for you all. Would LOVE to hear your thoughts!


Six Years {fall favorite}

I missed my blog-anniversary again this year. The 12th marked my 6th year of blogging. That's just mind-boggling to me. I have evolved over the years and this blog has taken that journey with me. Some of the friendships I have made near and far would not have happened without this little ole' blog. I am grateful for you all. You know what I am also grateful for? It's starting to feel like fall!!! This morning as I walked the kiddos to school there was a briskness in the air. I threw on my new favorite new sweatshirt and jeans, donned a bare face, and this is the sarcastic look the Mr. grabbed when I arrived home. A fashion blogger I am not. You can view my outfit below and I was sure to include my other and maybe all time favorite sweatshirt that rarely left my body last year.


a new chair, possible art, and a throw to review

I finally found the chair for this space. I know I gave a glimpse of it last week, but iPhone photos just aren't up to pair for how pretty this chair really is. Originally I wanted a swivel in here, but all the ones I tried were just too big for such a small space. I almost snagged one from Room & Board, but at a higher price point and not being 100% sure about it made me pause. I then came across this chair at Home Goods and it was ever so comfy believe it or not. The proportions were spot on and it can easily be moved. I have a leather pouf on the side of the couch for when maximum TV lounging is a must. The art leaning against the wall is an image we took at Disney a couple of years ago. It may end up living in here, but I'm still on the fence. I love the way it pairs with my new throw though. Can I make design decisions based on a throw? HA. It was a gift from the folks over at NINE SPACE. Have you seen this shop? It's so beautifully curated. At first the bold color made me nervous, but I love the way it looks in the space. It adds a certain level of warmth. I also had it here. More importantly though it has a great weight to it and wraps ever so perfectly around me and the kids. In the move I ended up retiring most of our throws partly due to the flood and partly because they were gross and people were actually grabbing them out of the basket to use while over. This one I would be more than happy for even a stranger to curl up with when over. Being a pastors wife means having strangers over, who normally turn into friends, is not an unusual occurrence. Plus the Mr keeps the house at arctic type temps. I am never not wrapped up tight. Our new neighbors may think I'm nuts. Thankful for a beautiful new throw to don!


The Gallery Wall {adding art}

I am in the process of trying to pick a piece of art for our main frame. It will be large and in turn will demand the most attention. Of course I am going to go with one our images. This is where we will meet clients and displaying your own work is never a bad thing. Once I pick the big frame image then I think it will be easier to see what other images and art pieces to add to the smaller frames. I did quite a few mock ups of some contenders that I have compiled.

This is from Miami. I literally shot it out the window of the car as we drove by. I adore the lines, palette, and the greenery makes me swoon.

This one, also from Miami, has a lot going on. I think it makes you want to look closer at it. It's hard to tell here, but it's a barge being pulled by a tugboat under a draw bridge. It is the same image frome here. Plus I think KJ would adore it.

I believe this one was snapped in Key West. They have wild chickens roaming around and we got quite the kick out it. I like how simple it is and somewhat quirky. Plus it makes me laugh. It may be a little odd for potential wedding clients though.

The last three images are from Colorado. They were originally what I thought I wanted in here before we even occupied the house. The colors are vibrant without being over the top.

I do love this one. I also wonder if this would be most captivating for a wedding client. It is a chapel after all.

Finally the elk in the camp site makes me quite happy. I think it is because it reminds of the adventure of the day and once this large beast headed our way the kiddos promptly hid under the picnic table. I was frozen with admiration and could not stop shooting his magnificence. I think regardless he will make it into our house somewhere.

The two I am leaning towards most are the first Miami photo and the chapel. Something about the colors and the way they work into the palette of the room. Have any favorites?



Our ten year anniversary trip could not have been any better. I swear it has made me a better mother and wife. It did kill my drive to cook and clean though. Where in the world is my water served on a tray while I work and someone making my bed daily? I even took a clay bath AND did not have to clean up the mess it created. They actually requested I leave it. HA. We divided our trip a bit. We stayed at the Viceroy in Miami for 3 nights, Key West for 2, and The Standard for the final 2. At the Viceroy we enjoyed roof top breakfast, luxury pools, one of the most fabulous decorated hotel suites, and we took some time to explore Miami. In Key West we snorkeled, paddle boarded, ate well, and walked the historic districts. Finally at The Standard we did not leave. We ate the most amazing food ever, lived in our swimsuits and bathrobes, and made good use of the spa. It was the perfect way to truly relax at the end of fun filled trip. These are just a few of the images from our trip. One will be blown up for our new living room gallery wall. Can't wait to get that ball rolling!