The Gallery Wall {adding art}

I am in the process of trying to pick a piece of art for our main frame. It will be large and in turn will demand the most attention. Of course I am going to go with one our images. This is where we will meet clients and displaying your own work is never a bad thing. Once I pick the big frame image then I think it will be easier to see what other images and art pieces to add to the smaller frames. I did quite a few mock ups of some contenders that I have compiled.

This is from Miami. I literally shot it out the window of the car as we drove by. I adore the lines, palette, and the greenery makes me swoon.

This one, also from Miami, has a lot going on. I think it makes you want to look closer at it. It's hard to tell here, but it's a barge being pulled by a tugboat under a draw bridge. It is the same image frome here. Plus I think KJ would adore it.

I believe this one was snapped in Key West. They have wild chickens roaming around and we got quite the kick out it. I like how simple it is and somewhat quirky. Plus it makes me laugh. It may be a little odd for potential wedding clients though.

The last three images are from Colorado. They were originally what I thought I wanted in here before we even occupied the house. The colors are vibrant without being over the top.

I do love this one. I also wonder if this would be most captivating for a wedding client. It is a chapel after all.

Finally the elk in the camp site makes me quite happy. I think it is because it reminds of the adventure of the day and once this large beast headed our way the kiddos promptly hid under the picnic table. I was frozen with admiration and could not stop shooting his magnificence. I think regardless he will make it into our house somewhere.

The two I am leaning towards most are the first Miami photo and the chapel. Something about the colors and the way they work into the palette of the room. Have any favorites?



Our ten year anniversary trip could not have been any better. I swear it has made me a better mother and wife. It did kill my drive to cook and clean though. Where in the world is my water served on a tray while I work and someone making my bed daily? I even took a clay bath AND did not have to clean up the mess it created. They actually requested I leave it. HA. We divided our trip a bit. We stayed at the Viceroy in Miami for 3 nights, Key West for 2, and The Standard for the final 2. At the Viceroy we enjoyed roof top breakfast, luxury pools, one of the most fabulous decorated hotel suites, and we took some time to explore Miami. In Key West we snorkeled, paddle boarded, ate well, and walked the historic districts. Finally at The Standard we did not leave. We ate the most amazing food ever, lived in our swimsuits and bathrobes, and made good use of the spa. It was the perfect way to truly relax at the end of fun filled trip. These are just a few of the images from our trip. One will be blown up for our new living room gallery wall. Can't wait to get that ball rolling!


Through the iphone

I have been trying to follow my own advice that I gave on Monday and see if I could make what I already own work in this new rental home of ours. I thought I would share a bit of my progress. Things may change here and there, but for now this is what has been done. I tend to like to sit with things a few days before deciding whether I love it or not.

In the living room to the left of the fireplace is this nook. I was thinking I would buy a new console piece for this spot, but I had an extra ikea shelf with nowhere to go so I thought I would try it out. It's the right dimensions and I like that it gives extra storage. The floor is so slopped here that it has rather large books underneath to make it appear even-ish. I added my favorite table runner for added texture and hide the worn top. Not having the shelf fit the whole width of the nook afforded me space to add a toy basket that floats room to room. Although needed it seems to always be in the way. Here it is out of the way. My last thought on the space besides some pretty styling is to add our old gallery wall here. I have enough to fill the whole space I believe. My only other thought is to ditch the lamp and add a wall lamp instead, but then again this one I already own. I have my eye on this one and this one.

Here the front door is to the right and I am standing in the living room. I added my own art and I rather like the way the colors all compliment each other. I also like how the painting brings out the deeper hues in the rug.

After searching high and low for a mini chair for the den I stumbled across this danish modern piece at Home Goods. I instantly fell in love. It's actually comfortable and the open arms keeps the space feeling light and airy in this other wise tiny room. I have also been on the hunt for a piece of art. Not too much has spoken to me at least in a price we can afford. A friend then reminded me that I left some pieces at her home since the beginning of the year. I am pondering placing this piece here. I would frame it out in a thin light wood and maybe add the corbels to each side. Still not 100% so for now it just sits and I stare. What I do like is that it adds color without being overbearing.


One, Two, Three, Four...

I was going through a few of my old inspiration boards and realized it has been quite some time since I have done my four things series. Well it's back! At least for today that is. Oh, and the shelves are meant to go in the kitchen. I am also realizing my definition of "done" must change. Our new home is a rental. One we will be in for quite some time, but it will not be my so called dream house and I will have to just be okay with that.  I know there are a few things that could be changed in this home to make it stunning, but they are not musts and I am coming to terms with the need to make it "good enough" and actually be happy with that. The latter is actually the hardest. This week I am going to try my hardest to use pieces that I brought from our old home and make them work in this home. To stop thinking about the pieces I could purchase and be happy with what we have. Yes, there are some things that are a must, but I need more decor pieces like I need a hole in my head. Now to see if I can really make this work. Of course next week I could be singing a whole new tune, but I sure do hope not. I really do need to walk in this house and feel "done" and the contentment that comes along with that. My old home took 6 years to decorate and I don't have that luxury here.



It's all good

We are back and my plan on blogging while away completely failed. I call that a good thing though. I completely disconnected besides answering a few pressing emails and reconnected with the Mr. My life revolves around the kiddos and I am well aware so it was nice to just stop and recharge. I now feel refreshed and ready to tackle so many projects that have been looming. I will be back next week to share some images and my new found love for Miami.Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!