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Entry Way Updates {pondering}

I have been pondering an entry way update for some time. Although I still love the way it looks it needs to function more. Having an open piece of furniture and the "cubbies" right by each other tends to leave quite the mess especially since we are heavy into sports now. It always looks messy and that's not what I need upon walking in the front door. I simply have run out of storage space for things we actually use the like board games and the like. The "hat" basket is overflowing mostly with things I have no idea where to put. I would love to add closed storage here. I am thinking these inexpensive dressers would do the trick. Maybe one or two, I need to ponder more really. I found a similar lamp at homegoods yesterday and pretty much fell in love with it. I love the organic feel it has. I would keep the current mirror and leaning frames and add some greenery. My home really is becoming over run with plants. The basket would become a place for sports equipment ONLY. I also went ahead and bought a flor rug. Every rug I have put there gets caught under the door and drives us nuts, but the amount of filth that is tracked inside also drives me nuts. Today they are offering a 25% off discount and I only needed a few tiles so I finally bit the bullet. It has been on my wish list for sometime. The updates are really simple and I think would serve us well. Plus it would give the kids even more surface to display their lego creations which in this house is a must.


A Gift, Gardening, and Making my Heart Sing

When RedEnvelope contacted me asking if I minded if they sent me a gift from their Mother's Day line I was pretty giddy. Who doesn't like a gift especially one celebrating my love for being a mother? I had no idea what to expect, but when I received the big red box I immediately felt special. The gloves were beyond amazing too. Couldn't have come at a better time. We spent the weekend in the yard re-sodding, prepping beds, and trimming the limelights. I even ventured beyond the fence and pulled the never dying briar patch and the gloves protected my hands fully. Yay for no pain! HA. I hope to be able to share a whole new LUSH yard transformation in the coming weeks. This has been a dream of ours for years and the Mr worked so hard trying to make it come true for me. I ended up ordering my mother some just because and am having a pair sent to her house. I thought she would get a kick out of receiving a little happy and I know she will feel fancy gardening. She has a green thumb like no other. I will share her flower beds once they are ready. They are beautiful to say the least! Oh, and I am 99% sure she never reads my blog. Here's to hoping! A huge thank you to RedEnvelope for such a wonderful gift that keeps on giving. Gardening is my happy time and when the kiddos get in the action my heart truly sings. Cheesy? YES, but ever so true none the less!

A few more things I have my eye one...

garden tote | gardening apron | wooden serving bowl | plus utensils | the most amazing wreath



{image via here}

This is NOT me just incase you all got confused. HA. I am hoping to be able to do that one day though! I just started taking TRX and I am hooked! It is hard, harder than hard really. I have muscles hurting that I had no idea even existed. I LOVE it though! I want to be strong and know this will get me there quickly. Well, actually I thought I was strong, I can move a sofa by myself, but apparently I am weak so very weak that I can barely get my own bottom off the floor. Alas I still have high hopes for myself!!! Here is a little sample video I found that demonstrates a bit of it. I take it at a local gym, but may even buy my own set for days the classes aren't offered or when we are on vacation. If I used them regularly I could see it being a sound investment. Who knew I would ever actually LIKE working out?


A Chair

Have you seen Lauren Leiss's home in the latest Domino magazine? It really is such a treat to see her remodel come alive. She is by far one of my favorite designers. I adore how she brings the outside in and how her spaces seem highly livable. Her spaces seem instantly homey. One of my favorite pieces she had was the vintage leather sofa. I adore the lines and how it brings a somewhat earthly feel into the room. I am sure if I could find a similar piece it would be quite out of budget, but one can dream.

{As Seen in Domino magazine | Photo by Brittany Ambridge}
 I did come across these chairs that very much have the same feel as the adored sofa. Granted they are not vintage or cheap, but they sure are pretty. Two can be used in place of a sofa flanking a side table or just one used as a extra seating would be quite nice too. Either way they are officially on the wish list!


Contributing Home Tour Photographer and Writer {yup that's me!}

The cat is officially out of the bag. I am a new contributing editor for Houzz! I wanted to be sure I was officially published before mentioning it, but alas over the weekend my first piece went up. It's an amazing home so most definitely worth a look if I say so myself. ALSO, I am now taking submissions for homes in the Birmingham area, but will consider traveling to any nearby states, to shoot! The home will have to go through an approval process via Houzz, but the first step would be to send me photos of your fab space {they can be iphone shot even}. I may need to do a walk through, but it's low pressure and loads of fun!