How Does Your Garden Grow?

Today is the last day of school and I could not be any more excited! We don't have big plans, but I do know tending the garden will be high on our list. I really need to do an update on the raised veggie beds soon. They are doing great! The kiddos have picked strawberries and snap peas thus far. The downside from growing most from seed is that we have to wait longer to harvest. Oh well. While the Mr was getting his hair cut I came across the top image in Travel & Leisure. I am smitten! A dream garden for me really. The bottom is a snippet from one of our beds. It's starting to fill in quite nicely. Needs a bit of weeding, but that is on next weeks agenda. Getting my hands dirty is my favorite.


Just Plain Crazy

This man gets me. To be honest I have been highly overwhelmed with life lately. Not that I don't LOVE it, but in the work area I had a couple of deadlines change to the sooner and some of the jobs are bargain busters which I personally think I am quite good at and enjoy doing. The only problem with those is that I have to shop around A LOT. I can't even tell you how many Home Goods, TJ Maxx, antique malls, etc trips I have made this past month. Oh, and let's not forget wedding season is in full swing. Two this past weekend, three next weekend, and so on. That is a lot of editing. On top of it all my eyes have been going wonky after a few hours at the computer which then leads me to throwing up and migraines. Lovely I tell you. Thankfully I feel as if I finally have a handle on things again and am feeling like I could very well be a fun mother and wife this summer which starts on Wednesday. That was my biggest worry. I don't want to miss out on the "important" stuff. I know full and well that I can not carry the work load of been doing with the kiddos at home. Oh, and the money thing is still a bother. I have slacked in so many ways as a wife, mother, and household duties, for lack of a better word, and am ever so grateful that that this man stepped it up full fold and took care of all grocery shopping, cooking, and many days, the cleaning. He has been a super hero to the kiddos and has allowed me to be plain crazy without a complaint. He kind of rocks.


A Beach Cottage {done by me} 

I seemed to have fallen off the blogging bandwagon... again. Ha. I try to be better, I really do. Here is that post I promised from a couple of weeks ago. This beach cottage went through quite a transformation. It's not 100% finished in these photos, but almost. We were waiting on a few things to come in and I am hoping they had! There are some new pieces in this home, but a lot of it was just reworked into the space. Most of the paintings are new and were commissioned pieces. Too fun to say the least. To see some before's you can go here. It doesn't even look like the same home! YES, I realize there are way too many photos but this is a big house and who doesn't like a good stalking? On to the tour...

This is the main floor. It has a den that goes out to the private courtyard with pool. It has a bath that attaches to an outside shower, a bunk room, and another bedroom that I did not share because it was not 100% ready.

Each of the 3 floors has a landing spot that were never utilized. I decided to make this one into a cozy nook for reading.

This is on the second floor with beautiful views of the beach and porches on three sides. All the lighting is new. Before it aired on the contemporary side which did not fit the homeowners at all. The mantle did have a glass and metal rod mantel thing and we had a slipcover of sorts built around it. At this time we were waiting for new cabinet hardware which I believe has been installed since. We did plan on painting the cabinets, but decided to hold off till after the busy summer season and to be honest I no longer hate them with the new decor plus it saves the homeowners tons of money.

This is the third floor landing and it is a bit smaller than the latter. We just made it look pretty with things I found around the house.

The master and a guest room occupy the third floor. In the master I simply reworked items from around the house and added a few new pieces of art. The guest room got toned down a bit.

This may be one of my favorite yet simplest additions. The homeowner actually had this vision and had her created for this space. I will take full credit of going a top a very high ladder and hanging her though. Ha. Oh, and did I mention it's up for sale and rent?


Coming up Roses

I had the most wonderful Mother's Day. I am sick as can be, but none the less it was quite special. I think my favorite part was just seeing the excitement on the kiddos faces knowing that they just may explode in anticipation on what they had in store for me.  The Mr went above and beyond with gifts. A new everyday dinnerware set which I just adore. I must say this image does not do it it justice. I was also sent this from a brilliant illustrator, calligrapher and friend, Kaitlin Slattery. It's the quote I grabbed onto the year I started blogging and it has made an appearance still after many blog redesigns. It rings true now just as much as it does then.


Urban Farming

Ellie and KJ both go to a small Christian private school. We could not adore it anymore. The teachers love all things hands on. Ellie's teacher especially. She even has chickens of her very own. Yesterday her class had the pleasure of going to Jones Urban Farm in downtown Birmingham. I must say I fell in love! It's a full running vegetable farm and has chickens! At the end the kids harvested their own strawberries and made smoothies that contained 9 fruits. It was such a great hands on learning experience and made Ellie even more excited about our own vegetables growing in this summer. Now only if I could make our own yard look like this urban farm!