Scott's {part 2 - Atlanta}

The second day of my trip to Atlanta started with a trip Scotts. I have been a few times before, but I must say shopping with Marianne is a new whole level. She was there to shop for a client and shop she did! I am rather excited to see this project she has come together. The pieces she choose were exquisite to say the least. Anyhow, I made sure to make a stop into Maison de France. A favorite of mine and they are actually located in my small town. I hope to visit their shop here and do a full blog post on it soon! It really is quite special.

I also came across these. It's an old process of photography that is not really used much anymore. The images actually come out on metal sheets. Of course I was in awe. My favorite was the stack of books. I could easily see them framed against a piece of linen and floated. They are by Josiah Morgan.

Tiffany is quite beautiful inside and out...

This was a print, but I loved it so much! The colors were so rich.

I may have gotten too giddy over the rosemary topiaries. Of course one had to come home with me! I also bought a bench that needs recovering from here. The two chairs I only wished I needed for a project! I could see them recovered in a fun pattern or a simple linen. These are the times I wish I had a warehouse.

LOVED these lamps. They are from England and were priced a tad too high and by a tad I mean crazy high.

Who is the adorable one in all white chatting with Marianne? It's the one and only Sherry Hart from Design Indulgence. She was fun as can be and enjoyed her company immensely.

So much art to feast my eyes on! If the Mr had a home office I would love these hanging in a grid against a dark walls. They are so him!

I thought this piece would be fabulous for a screened in porch. Again, I need a warehouse...

My weakness for pillows came to an all time high here. I did buy one, I just couldn't pass it by. I was in search for a new lumbar for the sofa anyway. The current fur one just didn't work with summer weather. Of course, I went with a neutral.

Last but not least, who else did we run into? Donna from A Perfect Gray!!!! Spending time with these ladies was truly such a treat. My creativity was stirred and my drive jumped up a few notches. I also learned so much about the design buisness. Can't wait to meet again!

{Me, Donna from Perfect Gray, Tiffany from Savor Home, Sherry from Design Indulgence, Marianne from Marianne Simon Design}


A Whirlwind {part 1-Atlanta}

My whirlwind trip to Atlanta to meet Marianne and Tiffany could not have been any more perfect. We easily connected and felt like long lost friends. We stayed up chatting way past my bedtime and I could not have felt more refreshed. Tiffany, our gracious host, took us to Optimist for dinner on Thursday. It was amazing!!! The design concept was brilliant and the food was divine. They even catered to my gluten allergy. I can most definitely see this becoming a must have stop in Atlanta for me.

*more of the trip tomorrow and some other fabulous ladies I had the pleasure to meet.


Wrinkles and All

This past weekend the Mr did some rush photos for the girl that was our flower girl years ago! Of course I had to tag along and bask in sweet memories. The Mr then decided that I should start doing posts on what I wore once again. Ha. So let's pretend my hair was washed, shirt not so wrinkled, and I was not standing pigeon toed. The fashion bloggers are quite adorable these days and I most definitely do not compare, but this is what I like to think a a thrity-something mother of two, who works, runs errands, and cleans the toilet would be most comfortable in. You can say this is my start to summer wear.

Gingham Top: J. Crew

White Jeans: J. Crew

I-Phone case: On sale in store a few months ago. LOVE this one too though!

Shoe by Enzo Angiollini: Have had for years!

Bracelet: J.Crew, can't find it either, but they have plenty to choose from!

More importantly I am off to Atlanta today and tomorrow to meet Tiffany and Marianne! We are having dinner and heading to Scott's in the A.M. I simply can not wait! The whole reason I began blogging was to meet like minded people and share what inspires me. There weren't too many blogs when I began and pinterest wasn't even a thing. I must say it has made blogging much harder. Trying to post things you all haven't seen 100 times before and the community of blogging has broken down some. Yes, I still make and have friends that I adore that I have met through this little world of ours, but most of that is now done through instagram. I still adore it don't get me wrong, but I feel as if blogs are evolving into something else. Not sure of the word I am thinking of, but it's not relationship based. Kind of sad.


Organizing {the master closet}

Yesterday one of my long time best friends came over to help me clean out my closet. Could I have done it myself? Maybe, but it most definitely would not look like this! She inspired me and reminded me that I do not want a whole lot of "extra" and to live simply. In the end that is what I we achieved!

Here is the beginning. I got to a point where I got so overwhelmed I simply lost control over the year. My feet grew, my girth grew, and there were so many pieces that no longer were flattering. I just did not have the inspiration to tackle this one on my own.

First she pulled EVERYTHING out. This was my "what was I thinking" moment...

In the end the more I purged the more free I felt. Majority of these things no longer fit or I simply never wear. Who needs 20+ striped shirts anyway? The piles to the left are yard sale items and the piles to the right will become a blog sale. Those pieces are more of the high end and barely worn. Don't get me wrong some yard sale peeps will be getting killer deals on really cute items too.

Now on to the less embarrassing parts. Everything after being whittled down was re-hung or folded by color. My next step will be to make sure all the hangers match. The Mr will have simple white hangers and I will have the beige velvet ones.

My hand bags and totes hang on the wall...

As well as our belts and the Mr's ties/bow ties.

My shoes now fit on the two shelving units and the Mr has the other.

Now to make the space pretty pretty!



Recently I helped with a project for someone who needed a little help with art to finish off her dining room. The dining room itself is gorgeous! Originally she wanted charcoal etchings, but when I came across these I couldn't help but through it out there. She loved them and alas they are happy in her home. Low and behold this certain someone ended up having a beautiful blog and posted about it last week. You can also see more pictures and a fabulous before and after.

{The second image is from my home before I shipped them off. Sun and glass are never friendly}