The Beginnings of a Kitchen Garden

I am ALMOST too embarrassed to show you all the beginning of my kitchen garden. I am hoping in about a month or two this space will look completely transformed. I thought it would be fun to show the process though. I decided to start this project simply for better for us vegetables. I have been reading up on GMO's and such and decided that doing it myself was worth a shot. The beds are completely organic and of heirloom variety. This means the seed is original and hasn't been modified. With all our health issues I thought it was worth a shot. Without further adieu here it is...

See? Not too pretty yet, but highly functional. I made the beds myself out of cedar planks. Each board has a slight defect so I got them half off! For this use the "defects" didn't matter. I took a 12ft plank and divided it to make (2) 6ft boards and a 8ft plank to make (2) 4ft boards for each bed. They are 8 inches high. We have space for 3 beds along the back fence. The playset is to the left {or behind me in the below image}. I attached each plank to a . I then laid newspapers at the bottom to discourage any weeds. A thin layer {maybe and inch or so} of pebbles were next. The soil + compost finished them off. I do need to add a few more cages of some sort for the extra tomatoes that I planted. I have some time though.

We bought the compost and soil conditioner locally from Andy's. A nearby friend and I shared truck loads. Mine took about one truck with left overs. That same friend came over and helped grid my beds into 1ft squares.  We did tomatoes and peppers from starter plants she did inside. The rest we are trying with seed. Below you can see where each seed is planted. Some are a single seed to a square and some have multiple. I even dedicated the middle bed to watermelons and zinnias which I have yet to plant. I am hoping the zinnias will attract bees & butterflies for pollinating. They will also be great for cutting! This is what I am starting with...

I can't tell you how much fun this project has been. The kiddos have also gotten REALLY into it. I am thinking this is going to keep us busy this summer and will make not having a vacation seem like not quite a big deal. We are probably going to wire fence this area in to keep safe. We get occasional bunnies and a pup that likes to wander. I also think it will help make it feel a little more secret garden like and that will make it extra fun for the kiddos! In the end I am hoping it will look like a very miniature version of this gorgeous kitchen garden...

A girl can dream, right?


4 Things {lamps}

Sharing my favorite finds from budget sources has quickly become one of my favorite posts to do. It features what I do Ha. Today I am sharing lamps from JC Penney. YES! You heard me right. I used the floor lamp as an option in a recent room design I have been working on. I am pretty sure the Mr wanted it for himself though. I would think a shop like this would have great sales. Am I right?

1. Is this lamp not so fun? Reminds me of a Stray Dogs piece. Would be fun in a child/teen room or on an entry table for a dose of fun.

2. This lamp is not only blue, but has two shades of it. Obviously it's right up my alley. Looks like piece that could have been used in It's Complicated.

3. I adore the simplcity of this wall sconce. Wouldn't it look amazing lining a small/long hall. Could look nice over a mantel too if the proportions were right. Can't quite tell if I love the shade. May have some shine to it? If so I may recover it or even use the ribbon wrapping method that Sarah Richardson used during this show. I am big fan of mixing styles.

4. This is the floor lamp that I am pretty sure the Mr would love to have. Well, me too for that matter. It's adjustable which is superb. Not a fan of too short floor lamps. I would use it by a sofa. Simple really.


One + One {an outfit and a room}

We had the most wonderful Easter weekend. Even though if was mostly just the kiddos and I with the Mr splashed in here and there. It was full of fun, candy, good food, and most important Jesus. We attended Easter service on Friday night and I left with good tears. If you like you can watch here. The testimonies really do show the goodness of God and I am sure you will see why the Mr was so busy and the reason why I don't mind it one bit. As for this post, ha, this is what I wore to service. We go to a church that is half really dressy and half casual. I went with the middle ground since it was only a Friday. I also thought my outfit went perfectly with ikea's botanical chart. Quite a pairing if I do say so myself.


Gap Jeans {they rarely leave my body}

Target Wedges

Top by Cynthia Rowely bought at TJ Maxx


Happy Easter!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!!! The Mr has been busy this week getting ready for the Easter services at church. I think the kiddos and I will go tonight to celebrate the risen King! On a lesser topic have you all ever bought calla lily's? My go to tulips were out so I grabbed these instead. They make the whole house smell amazing. May be a new fave.


He isn't here! He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen.

~ Matthew 28:6


4 Things {world market}


I kind of had fun doing last weeks 4 Things for Target. I thought it might become a little series. Today I am sharing 4 things from World Market that have served me well in projects that I have done. They all have great price points and look MUCH more expensive then they really are. Hopefully I will be able to show a few homes that they have made there way into as of late.

1 - Bookcase. I used two in a beach house make over that is currently in process. It flanks french doors and fills in the empty spaces in between.

2 - This owl lamp made a sweet addition to a nursery.

3 - I have used these rattan chair and currently would love to have them myself. Ha. They are great way to break up a dining set and keep it interesting.

4 - This settee I have used twice. One in a beach house nook and another as a dining banquette. The gray is a great tone.