Our New House {the kitchen before's}

Technically these before pics have no place on my blog. They are semi awful, but I personally love seeing before and afters. HA. I did a walk through with our friend, the owner of this rental, and she was so excited that we are going to bring it back to life. The 30 something year old boy/men renters called this place the frat house and treated it that way too. Sad really. Without further adu, here is the kitchen...

I have a love hate relationship with this kitchen already. What I love is the real wood, what I believe to be original, cabinets. The light in the space is amazing. The crown mouldings, original doors and windows make my heart sing even if they have been painted shut.

This piece alone will be such a beauty once I'm done with her. This also is the only decent storage in the house.

Here is from the back door in. Beyond is the dining room {can you see that moulding!}  and the door to the left leads to what will be a den of sorts. Now to what I am thinking... We are obviously painting the walls and the cabinets. I am changing the hardware and faucet. We get a new fridge, thank goodness. The lighting will be changed too. Currently I am thinking we will keep the counters. They are in decent shape and just need a good scrubbing and I am trying to keep the budget super tight, but we will see. i do think a butcher block would be kind of amazing.

This lovely spot in the floor is quite soft and we are having it checked. More than likely we are having the tiles replaced. They are are simply grosser than gross.

Where I would love some help... I have to make all painting decisions like now. The walls are going white. That I know. I want to make this place look bright. Now the cabinet style, although I love it has me stumped. My first thought is to do a slightly off white {like farrow and ball shaded white} cabinet to keep it from looking sterile. The other thought is to do a slightly darker color maybe a taupe or light gray. I really want to keep in style with the 1930's home, but make it fresh. I am having a hard time finding inspiration. Any thoughts?


The Secrets Out... finally! 

So remember last week I was telling you about a new design client "the renter"? Well that "renter" happens to be us. We are moving! It was really a last minute decision guided by the hand of God through and through. We just put our home on the renters market and will be renting another from a good friend. That friend is also allowing us to make improvements to the home since the last renters may not have loved it all that well. The new home is still in the birmingham area just a new a new city. What spurred on this sudden change? I believe I have mentioned before that KJ has learning difficulties in the reading/spelling/anything word related area. The private school in which they tended, that we love dearly, does not have the extra resources to help him. It just got to the point where other kids were noticing that he could not read and the last thing I want to do is crush his little spirit. This new home happens to be in the school district that has the most wonderful resources to help kids who may be lacking in certain areas. At first the idea of change sent shivers down my spine and tears down my face. I am leaving my comfort zone. The place where we have pretty much have raised our children during their little years. The worst part though is my bestest friend, you know the kind of friend that knows every awful thing about you yet somehow loves you anyway, happens to be walking distance from our current home. Can't tell you how many laughs, crying sessions, and the like we have had on her porch. After much prayer I realize that this short distance will not alter our friendship in any way. Besides KJ and their little girl have been saying they are going to marry each other since they were three. You do marry your best friend after all. Now I am finally full of excitement and adventure! A new house to tackle which also happens to be a dream home of sorts for me. Plus we will be in an area where we can walk to school, shops, and restaurants. It even has one fabulous library. Whew, so happy I could share with you all now. I just didn't want to mention it till all our ducks were in a row. Now I have less than a month to pack and sell just about everything we own. Did I mention we are downsizing? HA.

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A not so kids den...

The rental house I spoke of earlier this week has a den. Well, currently it's being used as an awkward dining space, but I think it would be more useful as a den. It's teeny tiny, but extra space none the less. I am thinking once it's dipped in white it could become quite pretty and more importantly functional. The den is in the back of the house and placed in between the kitchen and the main hallway that leads to every other room. It could also double as a so called guest room as long as said guest loves a good sofa. The scariest staircase enters this room which lead from the kids rooms above. As for the den the renter owns a similar sofa so we would use it and add fun pillows {these are fabulous in person} that can also be used on the floor. Graphic kids art and a crazy amount of legos would be all the decoration it needs. A new light fixture, fun table that can double as a creative work space, kids bertoia chairs {we love ours still},  and poufs galore would round out the space. The best part is that this space would also be good for adults and let's be honest I do not know too many adults that can't get lost in a sea of legos.


water, new dresses, coffee tables, horses... {our life}

This summer has been good to us so far. We have been to a friends lake house for a couple of days of pure fun and relaxation. Well, as relaxing as having 7 kids with us could be. HA. I found a dress for our upcoming 10 year anniversary. Two quotes and truths that I have been reading everyday to keep this life change decision in perspective and keep me from feeling a bit crazy {will share soon! Hate being vague, but just not ready to put it out there till everything is lined up}. Ellie has riding per usual. I have been ogling this art piece by local artist Robert Belcher at West Elm Birmingham. Not sure why it speaks to me so, but it does. I have pretty much moved into my bestie's friends house. Her newborn has me wrapped me around his tiny baby finger. I worked on her home over a year ago now and we finally bought a new coffee table and pretty much dig it. Babies plus design, could it get any better?


More or Less

The kiddos got out of school last week plus we are amidst a big life change. The change is coming, but we are still prayerfully seeking exactly what that is so for now I am feeling a bit all over the place hence me just now sitting down to blog.

I am looking into a kitchen project that would be for a renter. Of course that means the budget is small, but not invisible. I think these lights could make any drab kitchen sing, but these at a fraction of a cost may be for the win. In reality any light besides the current boob lights would help though.

Since I already mentioned the above project I mine as well keep on going. The kitchen is old, very old. It's in a small craftsman style home. The galley cabinets have already been painted white and the countertops and backsplash are travertine tile much like this. Most can not be changed, but I honestly like the charm of it all. I think these knobs painted the same white as the cabinets would be fun, but these are similar for even less.

A new faucet would be a must. The current one makes filling pots quite the challenge. I am torn between this completely industrial faucet look and this slightly more modern one which is a tad cheaper.

The fridge is off white, really old, and pretty ugly. I think seeing if the landlords would be up for a little chalkboard paint treatment to help it along would be so worth it. Of course being so old it doesn't have a filter water system that I know is a must for so many. I came across this water filter which makes for a quite a beautiful option.

Oh, and the washer and dyer are in the kitchen. No not behind doors, but they are actually part of the kitchen. Cabinet, washer/dryer, then fridge. Front loaders would be perfection in the space, but alas that may not be in a renters budget especially since the old standards still work. What can you do.