The Final Leg...

On our final days in Colorado we explored the mountains on Trail Ridge Road. I must say the narrow drive and the sheer drops made me a bit queasy, but alas it was a memory I will hold dear. We saw an incredible amount of wildlife and some that happened to be a bit too close for comfort. HA. We hiked, climbed and met many kind people along the way. I am eager to pick an image out from this trip to blow up extra big for the house, but I am afraid the decision may be a little hard to make. I am thinking it will go in the main living room over the piano which is also where the "entry" is. I will be sure to share soon!


Here and There {Colorado}

While we were in Colorado we spent much of our time with family we never get to see, but we still wanted to be sure to explore the sites that Colorado has to offer and I must say Colorado sure does have a lot! We drove up Pikes Peak one morning and it was stunning. We actually got to touch snow in June. The kiddos got to climb a bit, but we were most definitely not packed for the frigid weather of the mountains.

On another morning we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It is literally a zoo built into the side of a mountain. It really was incredible. The nice weather also had all the animals out and about which was such a treat for the kiddos. They also have a ski lift that quickly became a highlight of the trip.

After spending much of the week in Colorado Springs with family we ventured off to the Denver area. Kellen had the most fun idea of surprising KJ with a baseball game. He was beyond giddy. We got fabulous seats and stayed to the very end even though it was ridiculously late. KJ had high hopes that the Rockies would come back for a win, but alas it was not their day.

sidenote: When did my babies get to looking so old???



We finally took the time to sit down and edit the Colorado pics from a few weeks ago. It really was such a remarkable trip. There are so many images I want to share so I am going to break it down over the next few days. Being able to explore some of the Mr's favorite old stomping grounds with the kiddos made for memories that we will have for a lifetime. Well at least I sure do hope so! I have heard many stories that take place at Garden of the God's over the years. Now I can see why. It was beyond beautiful. The kiddos loved to climb a bit, learn about the animals that roam there, and the views were just breathtaking.

Oh, and Ellie was going through some of the pics with me and said I just had to share this one. Ha. Apparently she likes her mama looking like a goof.

my outfit: top | shorts | shoes super old {similar} | purse | sunnies

kj: crewcuts {similar}

Mr: J. Crew

Ellie: crewcuts


10 Years

Today is our 10 year anniversary. There is a part of me that feels like he has always been there then there is another part that makes me stop and gasp that I can actually be old enough to be married for 10 whole years. He truly is my best friend. He makes our life an adventure. He has faith in me even when I struggle to do so myself. He really is the best part of me and am eager to see where life takes us. We have a big trip planned for this fall while the kiddos are in school and I could not be more excited! It will be the first extended time I will be away from the kiddos, but 10 years is a great milestone for a second honeymoon of sorts.


Progress {the new house}

We are in the new house and have been plugging away trying to figure out how we can make it all fit. I have no pretty photos to share as of yet, but if I wait till we do then I may never blog again. So here are my not so pretty pictures of our progress. The main bathroom got a new faucet that I found for a steal at Lowe's. I am hoping the sparkle will distract the eye from the rest of the bath. HA. The kitchen is coming along slowly, but surely. For now replacing the whole floor is not an option so the next best thing is to make a sort of vestibule. I am going with the black and off white hexagon tile. Here's to hoping it looks fabulous!