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Good Design {children's book must haves}

I was introduced to these baby board books from a friend who has just adopted. She has an unbelievable eye for design and these do not disappoint. They quickly became part of my baby giving gift rotation to expecting mothers. Are they not divine...

I also came across this sweet little Olivia book of quotes. It now resides on my coffee table...

I absolutely adore that baby product design is taking a step up, a huge step up that is.

You can find the books here...

Alice in Wonderland

Jane Eyre

Romeo & Juliet

Pride & Prejudice {one I have to own}

Olivia Dream Big


The Front Hall

I finally started moving things back into the front hall and I must say the greige trim has officially grown on me. I think it pairs well with my decor choices. You know me and I may not have much color in my home, but I do adore layering to the max. Now to finish painting. I am so close to being done I can taste it! Oh and yes, I know I must hide the cord better and the dish on the floor is the dogs. Ha.

Just incase you want to know...

bead chain made by yours truly.

rustic frame to left... scripture with pictures

initial print... le papier sudio

rustic frame right... two's company bought locally (seibel's)

right print... michelle armas

table... one kings lane awhile back

lamp... gallery designs (market)

books ... Interior Wisdom (one of my faves) & Organic and Chic

basket... Wisteria

boots... Splendid Willow



Birmingham Magazine {we made the cover}

I can't even express how excited I was when I found Birmingham Magazine wanted to so a little feature on me in their May issue. Well, that little feature ended up being a two page spread. What?!?!? The issue is based on parenting and they had a section dedicated to mommy bloggers like me. Working with Jason Wallis and Celine Russell was quite a treat. Both of them were fabulous with Ellie and KJ. KJ was a little worried though when Mr. Jason asked him to shoot his camera with the nerf gun. I assured him that if Mr. Jason said it was okay then he would not be in trouble. Ha. Celine was kind enough to fix Ellie's hair ever so sweetly after doing the most fabulous makeup job on me. Lo and behold while checking my twitter feed on May 1st I was quite surprised to hear that I was on the cover via Magic City Mama another Birmingham blogger. I was able to get a gander of it online, but not until this weekend did I get to see it on news stands. So needless to say we went to ridiculous heights to document the moment and thought you all may get a kick out of our dorkiselves...

You can read the article if you like... here.


A Few Favorites {link love}

The above image I found on Brook's Pinterest page. It only further confirmed that you all were correct and I should most definitely keep the greige trim with my new cream walls. I can not thank you enough.

I am absolutely enamored with this new line at Target. Really hoping it's in local stores so I can have a gander.

Have you seen Henry's room? Any boy would feel like quite the prince/super hero/adventurer I am sure.

This month's edition of Matchbook Magazine is quite stellar to say the least.

Have you seen this brunch by Sunday Suppers for Mothers Day? It looks like such a dream.

Annie's blog has a new home and it is quite darling. We share the same life motto... Live Simply, Live Beautifully. She does both very well and I learn greatly from her.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Image via Houzz


We have a winner...

The winner of the Minted giveaway is...

Julie who said How cute... I love the stationary!