Riding Saddleback - Ellie's First Show

I mine as well start off by letting you all know this will be a week of Ellie posts. Ha. Saturday was her 7th birthday and we celebrated big. We started off the day by Ellie being in her very first horse show! She was so excited and if she was nervous she didn't show it although I am sure she was. She was put into 2 classes. Both were leadline since this was her first time showing and the horses are extra spunky with all the attention. She was sure to have a great big smile on her face for the whole ride. The first time through all the participants got a blue ribbon for being so brave. The second class was an actual competition and she got second!!! Her number was called and my dyslexic self didn't realize it was her till about a minute into it. Once they found her name... Ellie Coldiron... I was cheering my heart out. At the end she was even sweet enough to share a ribbon with brother.

 *Tomorrow I am posting the party. It was an ice cream social and according to Ellie it was the best day ever!!! Hope to see you then.


Babies on the Mind 

Today I am over on Emma's gorgeous blog, The Marion House Book, sharing some baby essentials. She just had her second and I must say Orla is quite adorable. Emma has it all when it comes to design. She can put a room together like no other, style it to a tee, and then photograph it effortlessly. This is sweet Orla's nursery. I just adore it.

You can see my guest post here. I truly had so much fun putting a list together especially with all the goodies they have out there now.


Adding Pieces

Although this room was deemed "done" I was able to add a few more things... of course. The living room showcases my love of neutrals, texture, and rustic simplicity. In the end it seemed a tad flat and needed some shine. When I came across this end table at Homegoods I knew it was the missing piece. I adore the organic feel of it. I also knew I wanted something for that vintage metal wire basket. Once Pottery Barn had their orbs go on sale I snatched them up. I like how they fill the basket, but don't feel heavy. It was the lightness this room needed. Now it's done...


A Light + Downward Spiral

I was absolutely floored after seeing Crystal Gentiello of Rue apartment featured on Apartment Therapy. It was so gorgeous I even thought reposting was worth it. It always surprises me though how the commenter's on Apartment Therapy blast everyone. What ever happened to "don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all"??? Most people said it looked staged and not lived in. I personally thought it was beautifully curated and could easily see me AND the kiddos living there easily. Anyhow, what got me most was the lighting in the kitchen. It is STUNNING! It is most definitely on my one day list. Someone left a comment with the source for the pendant and a wall sconce. I am in awe. So much in awe I built a whole dream kichen around it...

Faucet | kitchenaid |pendant | buther block island | pottery | tile | soapstone sink


The Office {my home}

Here is a peek into my new office and my many unfinished projects. Ha. After selling the spin bike, it opened this nook in the master up so I took full advantage and made it into my office. It's where I manage the shop, KJP, decorating projects, and house hold duties. Ideally I would love the office to be its own room, but I am working with the space I have. It is pretty much complete, but I do plan on moving the computer in here once the kiddos go to school. I will site a few things, but if there is something that I am missing just let me know and I will update the list.

The Office:

Tassels made by me for last week's party which I still need to share!

Shelves Ikea

Desk is old, but painted Old Ochre with the clear wax by Annie Sloan

Desk chair antique

Wire basket from World Market

Brass lamp from Restoration Hardware years ago

Swivel stool Homegoods

Wastebasket from Target

Calendar from Bubbo

John Audubon Bird prints bought at Barnes & Noble on clearance framed by me {tipped off here}

Binders Russel & Hazle which I need many more of

Sea Urchin vase and candle sconces from Tracery

Metal magazine rack is vintage

Pillow is by Lace Field Designs | Chair and rug are from Homegoods