Silhouettes {hand cut}

During our Disney trip the Mr surprised me with silhouettes that were hand cut of both Ellie and KJ. It took me some time to figure out where I wanted to hang them, but settled on the tv room. I love the way they look against our dark walls. It really is an amazing process it took to create these. A man actually used scissors and cut every detail while staring at the profile of Ellie and KJ. It really was awe inspiring. Would this not be spectacular to do at a wedding? Anyhow, here are my new treasures.

 And here is the master at work...


A Peek into Today

This morning I spent my time framing some prints for an office install that I have in just a bit. Nothing like pulling together last minute details. Ha. I may instagram the process some. The owner had some gorgeous pieces already, it just needed to feel finished so that is where I came in. I adore using treasured items then making them feel new with a few or many additions. Really depends what the space calls for. Unfortunately the space will not be "done" until after Christmas. The new sofa we put on order would be back ordered due to the fabric we choose. It will be worth the wait though!


One + One {an outfit and a room}

Some things just belong together. I think my much too loved and worn plaid would blend nicely into this room from Lonny. What do you think? It also makes me think it's time to bring back my weekly room + outfit. We will see.


Thanksgiving Inspired

You know you haven't been posting enough when you spend HOURS putting one tiny post together. I must be out of the swing of things. Ha. I really am flabbergasted that Thanksgiving is next week. Where in the world did the time go? I am one to have all Christmas shopping done by the end of October and well, I haven't even begun. So here is to Thanksgiving and all her delights.

clockwise: image one, two, and six by Kellen Jacob Photography {also known as me} | image three Williams and Sonoma | image four West Elm | image 5 Joy Thigpen florals, Jose Villa Photography | image seven J.Crew | image 8 Homemint


Did You Win?

Mrs I who said... "I lovelovelove the holiday map card!!"