Four Years {blogging}

I missed it again, my blog birthday. It was the 12th of this month, but I am one to celebrate birthdays for at least a month so technically I am still on the ball. Who would have guessed that my little whim four years ago would have become such a part of my daily life. I thank you all for reading and sharing in my passions, loves, and faults over the years. I am especially thankful for the Mr. He has rooted me on the last few years. The days that I thought I was done blogging or felt I was out of ideas he was the first one to encourage me to move forward. He is always right, I would miss it and you all dearly. I am one blessed woman to have a space like this that people actually take the time to read. I am honored.


Fall Favorites

I thought why not dedicate at least two posts to my favorite time of year this week! We are already engrossed in football season, WAR EAGLE, evenings are getting cooler, and fall flowers are about to be put by the front door. Here are a few more things that have me excited about the change of season. The thought that I will soon be able to use the fireplace and fire pit makes me one giddy girl. One of my favorite candles will burn none stop I am sure. I have heard great things about this book and I can't wait to dig in. Blankets and throws will be put into constant use. Last but not least smores (mine gluten free of course) will make a regular appearance. I am not sure whether me or the kiddos are more excited about that one. Needless to say I am enamored with fall.




My Fall Uniform 

Fall is my all time favorite season. I love the much needed crispness in the air, the ability to don sweaters in the evening, a roaring fire in or outside, and the inevitable increase in baked goods. Of course this also means my "uniform" will have to change. This year I am hoping to indulge in oversized sweaters, loafers, and a few well worn pieces I already own. The time also came to buy new jeans for my new found curves. I went with the economical choice rather going "designer" like my others. I must say I get more compliments on the GAP jeans than an others I have ever owned. Major score. As you all know trends are something I do in tiny amounts if ever. After spotting the leopard loafers in Target I instantly fell in love. They are so not what I would imagine for myself, I am a ballet flat girl all the way, but it seems I may be evolving. Ha. A tortoise watch is my must have accessory. I layer it among my many arm accessories or wear it alone. Either way it always shines. The bag a got maybe a year or two back and it is getting better with age. The leather is turning into butter and we may never break up. EVER.

What are your must haves for fall? I would love to know!


Two Peas in a Pod

Some rooms & outfits just belong together. These two are meant for each other.

Room: Betsy Brown    Outfit: J. Crew

*Ellie's room is 95% done I would say. She got a mini reveal last night and she was over the moon excited. I do think it should be complete within the week though. At least I hope so. I am one tired mama. ha.


Adding in the Character

Over the weekend I came to realize the blog My Sweet Savannah did a extremely kind post on my living room. After taking a gander on her blog for a bit I came across her etsy shop which I instantly fell in love with. Not saying my home is all that, but most people who come in admire the pieces that bring age to my home in the sea of new, even though they may not even realize that is the case. I truly believe that is what gives my home character and personality. It's those very pieces that make my new design seem established and as if it had been there all along. At least that is what I tell myself. Ha. All this to simply say My Sweet Savannah has beauitful pieces that once mixed into a room design could quickly give a space age. Above are a few of my favorites from her etsy shop.