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Playing Dress Up

I must say when I came across this Cynthia Vincent dress I was instantly smitten. It is more than I would ever spend on a casual dress especially after paying taxes, but I can still dream. I would pair them with a nude pair of sandals and a Lauren Hope necklace. This little lightweight jacket would top it off on summer nights. Of course the only thing that could make it better would be wearing this at the beach while strolling to dinner with the Mr and friends.


Monday Mess {with LaLa Lovely Things}

Today I am over on Trina's blog, La La Lovely Things, sharing in her series Monday Mess. I must admit it was hard not to clean up my mess before sharing the photos, but alas it would have missed the whole point of her post if I did so. The above mess was made after a painting session with the kiddos. At first I admit that I was not too thrilled when the Mr gave the go ahead on letting them paint simply because I knew that I would be the one cleaning it all up. Instead though as I took a good look at the aftermath I realized how beautiful a mess can be especially when left by happy little ones. It made my new favorite saying/book come to life for me for sure... A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of A Misspent Life.

Hope you join me on LaLa Lovely Things today!


Designing a Bath

I have a friend who is about to do a bathroom reno in her very cute cottage in a great area of town. The area although lust worthy is also know for homes that are more on the tiny side. Her style is quite modern and she loves a glamorous space. She wants a floating vanity and I fell head over heels for this one. She also wants a large subway tile with dark grout, but I also think a 6x12 marble tile would be quite stunning too. It would be chair rail height all the way around and cover the front side of the bathtub. A dark slate floor would ground the space. Along one wall they are going to incorporate built in and shallow shelving. I think making the shelves in a natural wood would offset the clean lines of the bathroom quite nicely. I always love incorporating raw elements into a room. Must be the natural hippie in me. Ha. The West Elm lighting would add the touch of sparkle and shine she loves. This friend also loves color,  but tires of things easily. I think fun fouta towels could do the trick and she can change out the colors to fit her mood. Too be honest I wouldn't mind having this in my own home and my style is neither modern or glamorous.


A Dream Kitchen {Bill Ingram}

By now I am sure you have figured out how much I adore the work of Bill Ingram. He keeps his designs pure, rather simple, and well thought out. Needless to say they are all quite stunning. I have long admired this kitchen and was quite excited when I came across this article from Cultivate featuring Bill Ingram and tips he had to share on designing a kitchen.

photos by Erica George Dines


Art in the Kitchen {Gallery Wall}

I am sure you have heard of Sarah from her fabulous blog Flourish Design + Style. Did you also know she has a shop filled with art that makes for a great statement at fabulous prices? Since my kitchen is open to the rest of the house I always try to make it flow as one. I like to have have the same feel in the kitchen as every other room in my home. I knew I wanted to add a piece of art but didn't want to break the bank since it is the kitchen after all. This piece from Sarah's shop, Gallery Wall, was just perfect. I personally think it looks right at home and it makes me quite happy.