Flowers {around the house}

Whole Foods always gets me with their gorgeous flower supply. Yesterday they did not disappoint and I came home with some beauties. Having fresh flowers around the house continually lifts my spirits. You could say I am just better with flowers.


A Mat DIY {ellie's room peek}

Here's a peek into Ellie's room redo! This is the wall that you first see from the hall when looking into Ellie's room. I wanted it to represent Ellie, but also didn't want it to look too child-like since this is a highly viewed area from the main house. I knew the art work from Sophie and Lili would be perfect. Ellie calls the girl in the striped dress her now and the other is when she grows up. I could not be any more pleased with the pieces. They really are so beautiful. The chair I re-covered in La Fiorentina that I received from Shannon of Pink Wallpaper and The Designer Attic. I must say I am in LOVE! Also the chair really doesn't go right there, I just wanted show it off. Ha.

I wanted to add more color to her room and make it even more personal for Ellie so I had her paint the mats any way she wanted. She was THRILLED to say the least. It was an easy project for both Ellie and KJ. It also added the punch I wanted and makes the drawings stand out even more.

The kiddos have loved to have been able to have part in their room designs. They love what I have done, but feel extra proud of the things they picked and created themselves. For me that is a huge win!


Fall Plantings {my home}

Over the weekend I planted our fall pots with the kiddos. I love that they like to help in the garden and makes me all the more eager to get our raised veggie beds built for the spring. The sweet people at Collier's helped me pick the plantings for the pots. Southern Comfort Heuchera + berries + Yellow Anne Begonias make for quite the pairings. Of course mums are making an appearance, a fall staple in my book. I also thought I would share how my front bed looks now that it had time to fill in a tad. Here is where it began in June, can you imagine what it will be like next summer!!! I am seriously giddy with how much it has grown. English beds here I come! Below is our neighbors house. Is the Jasmine not stunning? I just planted our own to cover the porch. Hope mine looks as lush as theirs in no time. 


Four Years {blogging}

I missed it again, my blog birthday. It was the 12th of this month, but I am one to celebrate birthdays for at least a month so technically I am still on the ball. Who would have guessed that my little whim four years ago would have become such a part of my daily life. I thank you all for reading and sharing in my passions, loves, and faults over the years. I am especially thankful for the Mr. He has rooted me on the last few years. The days that I thought I was done blogging or felt I was out of ideas he was the first one to encourage me to move forward. He is always right, I would miss it and you all dearly. I am one blessed woman to have a space like this that people actually take the time to read. I am honored.


Fall Favorites

I thought why not dedicate at least two posts to my favorite time of year this week! We are already engrossed in football season, WAR EAGLE, evenings are getting cooler, and fall flowers are about to be put by the front door. Here are a few more things that have me excited about the change of season. The thought that I will soon be able to use the fireplace and fire pit makes me one giddy girl. One of my favorite candles will burn none stop I am sure. I have heard great things about this book and I can't wait to dig in. Blankets and throws will be put into constant use. Last but not least smores (mine gluten free of course) will make a regular appearance. I am not sure whether me or the kiddos are more excited about that one. Needless to say I am enamored with fall.