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Without going into too much detail, since July of last year I haven't felt well and I have been in constant pain in my lung/stomach area. This is in no means to throw myself a pity party, but just so you know where I am coming from. I have been on a good rotations of medications and have seen a variety of dr's to try to figure out what is causing the problem. Lo and behold I finally was sent to see an allergist and I believe they will be an answer to prayer. It has only been a few days since I began a new round of medications, but I do feel a slight change. I am hoping it really does continue to improve. To be honest I am just tired and have been growing weary. Some days are better than others, but either way daily tasks are just harder than they should be. Oh, and my skin has been just awful. Zit city really. All this to say I am cleansing once again. I did it about a year ago and that is when I stopped eating gluten for good and it was and still does make the world of difference. This time around I am just doing a three day juice cleanse. I am following tips from lacylike. She set out an easy plan and I bought a GE juicer from Walmart, but this one looks very similar for the same price. I began yesterday and am LOVING it so far. I may make this little cleanse a monthly endeavor or possibly this 3 day cleanse may turn intol a five dayer. I will also be trying out a few of Lisa's juicing tips and recipes. Do you cleanse or juice? Would love to hear your tidbits!


Keep It Simple

I am looking forward to a soothing weekend. We are shooting a wedding, but it's of a friends sister so it should be extra fun! I am just absolutely loving this gorgeous weather and watching my garden come to life. These are just a few things that have me quite entranced lately. Anything grab your attention as of late? Would love to hear!


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I have brilliant friends and one of those friends came up with this little headband. What makes it so special  is that it actually grips keeping it in place which is huge to me. I have really thick hair and the regular ones never stay put. This is perfect for working out which I need to do more often. Also, in Two Ellie fashion, it's perfect for laying by the pool and beach, those showers when you you rather not take the time to wash your hair and for those really bad hair days which I am coming across more often. I can even sleep in it. Needless to say I LOVE it enough so that I don't mind bragging on it and sounded a bit like an infomercial. You can see more here on their site. It really does ROCK!



Some of my favorite little dresses that I have gotten Ellie are from Bonpoint. They are beautifully constructed and have a sweetness to them. Since Ellie is in uniforms most days I tend to splurge here and there for special items. Needless to say I adore Bonpoint's new spring line! I wouldn't even mind sporting a few of these looks myself.


A Carriage House redo in Rosemary Beach {my handy work}

One of the main reasons the kiddos and I went to Rosemary Beach last week was to help a friend with a carriage house update. They use it mostly for rental so we wanted to keep the costs down. This means we kept the main pieces of furniture and updated them with new accessories and coats of paint. The whole place got a good coat of Benjamin Moore China White. Although we did change out the counter tops in the kitchen we did keep the tile backsplash. It is not our favorite, but honestly after it was all said and done it really doesn't feel as obtrusive as they did before. All the brilliant art was done by the home owners mother and they truly are quite stunning. The only thing that was missing when I snapped the pics was the natural woven shade that will go in the bedroom loft. So happy to share some of the things I have been working on...

Oh, and in case you were wondering what it looked like before then here you go...