Chakra {dressing Ellie}

Chakra has quickly become one of my favorite shops for little girls. I have a few dresses for Ellie that I just adore. In the pieces that we own the fabric is very light and somewhat sheer. Gorgeous if you ask me. Now that Ellie is getting older though I have her wear little cotton shorts underneath, unless we are at the beach. For some reason I find it fitting for the beach. Ha. Anyway the shop is not always in my budget so anytime it comes up on a member only sale site I jump at the chance to add to her collection. All this to say, Gilt  has them for the next few days! Thought you might be interested. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Need an invite? Click HERE.


Keeping it Clean

I have absolutely adored having Ellie out for summer, but the one thing I quickly realized is that the daily mess escalated to new heights. It's only been a couple of weeks and I am already tired of repeatedly having to ask them to clean up or even do the things that have been on their family duty radar for some time. So I made a "chore chart". I can't tell you how excited they were! The tasks are what they are used to, I just won't have to ask... Feed the dog, empty dishwasher, make their bed, clean up toys in the main areas of the house before dad gets home, pick up bedrooms, Clean out my car of all their stuff, take out the trash, dust, and wipe bathroom counters which happens to be Ellie's favorite duty. Ha. After they get 35 checks they can get a small prize, treat, or save up the points for something bigger.

See so excited...

And just because I think they are cute...

Ellie's shoes and dress Target

Kj's shorts Target and tee Crewcuts


A Collection

Sometimes the oddest things catch my attention, such as this assortment of brushes from Brookfarm General Store. I could easily see if I started with a few then a full blown collection wouldn't be too far behind. Do you have any collections that may be out of the ordinary? I feel as if I am always purging our home which leaves me lacking the ability to form any sort of collection worth mentioning. Although I do have a small collection of pottery that I hope continues to grow over the years and a plethora of seashells that we gather during every beach trip. Neither worth collection status as of yet, but one day I hope they do!


Gardening in Process

Saturday we spent the best part of the day in my front garden. I thought I would share the progression even though I have yet to have an amazing 'after' shot. That won't happen till it all fills in and becomes full, but that takes time. This is not exactly a before shot, but it slipped my mind to get a true one. There were a few gardenias that were poorly planted by the builder years ago. They were not doing so well and were in a silly spot to begin with so out they went...

Then the Mr. and I amended the soil till our backs ached. I added perennials and transplanted my lambs ear that will also look good and add color all year round. I stuck to simple color story of blue's, purples, and varying shades of green. I do have two roses though that add a dash of peach.

Next we plan on taking out the cypress, which was also recommended by our landscape designer, in order to open up the front of the house.

I can't wait for the day that I go outside and it looks lush like the image in my last post. Really hoping that's sooner than later. ha.

Still on the agenda...

- Trim the cypress to the left of the house.

- Once the boxwoods are large enough they will be shaped into a hedge.

- Add a jasmine to  the current vine to get some more evergreen color along the porch. The one currently there dies back in winter.

- I eventually want to do away with the ring around the oak. May do a ground cover or just get some sod to fill it in.

- Possibly add a porch swing.

- I have also considered painting the front door, simply because it is so dark back there. I will wait though to see how much of a difference the light will make once I remove that tree.

- Add a new mailbox. This one has about had it.


A Few Highs and Lows

The last couple of days I have been enjoying some time in my flower garden. Did I ever mention that I had a brilliant landscape designer draw up the most beautiful plans for the front and back? Cost wise it will take some time to accomplish and the back needs the most work. In the meantime the front is just getting a much needed sprucing. I will share once I get farther along in the process.

Some highs and lows...


- Having the time to garden.

- Spending most of the week at a friend's pool.

- Getting to see Marianne's new blog and site design. It is stunning to say the least.

- The Mr and I acting as party planner to a rather exquisite birthday bash.

- Ellie and KJ finding great joy in putting on "shows" for us. I have two rather good actors on my hands.


- Using my sister's sunscreen one day and being burnt to a crisp. Apparently not all sunscreens are created equal.

- Our dog has become a shedding machine. His grooming appointment can not come soon enough.

- I shattered my Iphone. Going to the apple store this morning and hoping they have pity on me. So lame.

Have any Highs and Lows of your week? Would love to hear!

Have a great weekend!

Image via Better Homes and Gardens