KJ's Room {the inspiration board}

I had full intentions of getting the kiddos bedrooms switched before school began, but alas that did not happen. The plan now is to surprise each of them with a room makeover one day after school. If you recall awhile back I combined their rooms so that they would share. Now that they are getting older and are both in school we thought it best to move them back. I am working on KJ's room first since it is the easiest to do. I am keeping the current paint color and just touching it up. I am also keeping his spindle bed, but everything else is new. Well, new to him, most of the pieces are from around the house. The West Elm desk, which they no longer carry, will be in his room and a huge bulletin board will accompany it. It will be great for both lego making and school work. I am also moving a dark wood console in for storage. I am using wire baskets and the woven one's from World Market for even more organization. The bedding is a mix of Serena & Lily and West Elm. The sconces that I purchased through Brooke will hang over the bed amongst a gallery wall that we currently have in there. The gallery will just be reworked a bit. Of course I want KJ to LOVE it and it to be personal to him which means Star Wars had to be included. I found The Star War prints on etsy and thought they are rather good looking for what they are. I think I will frame them out in a fun color. Now if I can only wrangle all the legos into a workable system then I will be set. My goal is to have it done in the next week or two. I can't wait!!!

sources: West Elm sham | Serena & Lily Duvet | Wire basket Land of Nod | Stool found on Joss & Main | Woven Baskets World Market | Sconces Robert Abbey | Star War Prints

*UPDATE: KJ's room is actually Sherwin Williams North Star, my bad.


The Summer's End 

I thought instead of diving on into new posts I would share a touch of our summer vacation. If was phenomenal to say the least...

We had a short trip to Mobile for a shoot and we ended up making it a family outing and it was amazing how a weekend away can melt so much stress away. We also got to see the actual TIV. Yes, we may be Storm Chaser nerds. I kind of took the summer off from cooking. The Mr. took over and well, I am sure he is ready for me to be back in charge. He just happens to cook better than I. Ha. I swung by a tent sale hosted by Lindsey Bierman, editor of Southern Living, I said hello and admired his shoes. The sale was fabulous, but mostly sold out by the time I made it over. I so wanted the teak chairs. They were stunning, but had no business spending $800 on chairs we do not need. Ellie also decided babysitting is so much fun.

I bought an antique cabinet for the dining room. It was the exact dimensions I was looking for. It has since gone through a bit of a makeover and I will share soon. KJ lost his first tooth and I was not there to witness it. He and Ellie spent the night with a friend. boo. I took a calligraphy class and I had a blast, but it is not as easy as I once expected. After years of being caffeine free I have become a coffee lover to say the least. Have you heard of Homemint? I am sure you have, but I must say I am obsessed. I adore everything I have purchased especially the striped mugs.

We went ice skating. It was a first in MANY years for the Mr and I and the first time ever for Ellie and KJ. I forgot how much I loved it. KJ was a natural and poor little Ellie struggled and landed on her behind more than anyone I have ever seen. She is ready to go back though. Justin's Almond Butter has been a long time favorite of mine, but we recently just tried the Chocolate Hazelnut butter and it is AMAZING!!! Right before school started we went to the lake for a couple a days. It was so peaceful and gave me the undivided family time I needed. We canoed for hours and my arms screamed afterwards. First day of school fell on my birthday. I cried, went out to brunch with girlfriends, and drowned out my sorrow among fabric swatches. The Mr surprised me with birthday decorating while I was out. He knows me well and this made my day!!!  My sister who just returned from Europe bought me a wax stamp for envelopes. I am sure there is a proper name, but for now it escapes me. I adore it to say the least. Finally Ellie took etiquette classes over the summer and she had a blast. If you are a  local and want more info I will send it along.

*Please excuse the jumble of a post. That's a lot of time to fit into one little post. Ha.

UPDATE: The etiquette class now has a website!!! you can find it here http://www.theetiquetteessentials.com/ and possibly see a friendly face.



I can not tell you how hard it is to begin this post. It seems taking extended time off from posting makes blogging quite the chore. Ha. The kiddos start school on the 22nd which also happens to my birthday. I know how ridiculous it must seem that I am so distraught over this, the school part not the birthday. I LOVE birthdays. You see, having atleast one of them around daily for the last 7 years to simply being alone is quite the change. I like routine and stability and this is throwing me for a loop. I know in the end I will probably grow to enjoy all the me time, but I have yet to reach that place. I am sure the below view is something that will become a daily occurence for me once again. It's a view I rather love.

In other news it seems Freshly Pickled, who made my mouse pad, has new colors in her shop. Are they not amazing? I may need another to come into rotation. A mouse pad for every mood possibly?


A Hummingbird Rescue 

If you happen to follow me on twitter or instagram then you already are aware of the hummingbird fiasco from the other day. This sweet little bird got stuck in our garage. It went frantically wild not being able to find its way out. Ellie had the sweetest idea of me holding a flower up to lure it out while she chirped. I can't say that it worked, but after 45 minutes it finally grew wary and allowed me to escort it out upon a badminton racket. I think it knew we were trying to rescue it. Later in the day I saw that very one outside my office window taking in our flowers. It most definitely made for one exciting day!


Remebering a Friend + a Renovation Completed

If you have been in the blogging world awhile I am sure you remember the gut wrenching death of Marija an interior designer and blogging friend. She unexpectedly left behind a loving husband and two children. She was beautiful inside and out. We connected through email and her blog as most "blogging" relationships begin. Well, today on Elements of Style her home is featured. It was a renovation that she never got to see come to life. Her husband and children along with Julia Edelmann, of Buckingham Interiors + Design finished it beautifully. I am sure Marija would approve. I can easily see touches that Marija would have done herself and pieces that she purchased right before her passing. You can see more on Elements of Style and the original source where the home was featured, Chicago Garden & Home.