A Whimsical Affair

Whether wedding, birthday bash or just because I think this would be an affair to remember. I am already thinking rehearsal dinner for KJ. Ha. How fun would this be to attend! Of course a good does of Arnold Palmers, croquet, and a bit of blue grass to dance away the night would be a must. Purely Southern and whimsical makes for a mighty fine pairing I would say.


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This a reminder I need to keep in plain view daily.

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Lake Living 

A few days before school began good friends graciously let us stay in their lake house. I must say when I think of myself I imagine the beach as ideal for vacation mode, but after this lake trip I must say I am a full convert. Most schools already began in the area so the lake was empty and still. I felt a pure peace that I hadn't felt in awhile. We canoed, ate well, and just watched the children have the time of their lives. Although both can swim quite well we decided that life jackets were a requirement just incase they grew tired. Even I wore one for the long swims and I know my swimming skills or lack of could not save a soul. Safety first, right? Needless to say a lake shack is officially on my wish list. Ha.


Traveling in Luxury {airstream}

Every once in awhile I come across something that truly makes me stop and stare. This was one of those times. A brilliant local architect, Bill Sheppard, takes an American classic and reinvents them to today's design standards. Would this not make the most fabulous apartment for a single?!?! I have thought long and hard about traveling cross country with the kiddos while they are small. One of these would make it a luxury experience. The detailing is gorgeous. Even the kitchen faucet is prettier than my own. Needless to say I am impressed and hope to see one in person! Preferably in my driveway. Ha.

You can see more of the airstream architect series here.


A Good Night Sleep


I am one that values a good nights sleep, maybe even a tad too much. A bad night can through off a whole day. It really is quite ridiculous. So needless to say I take my sleeping needs quite seriously. The Mr's tees make a regular occurrence, but a comfy pair of pj's are a must. A good lamp on the night stand and a place for all our less than pleasant laundry are both required. Although more times than I can count watching a movie before bed happens, but I do think it would be delightful to play a few rounds of backgammon with the Mr and it would be a much better way to spend our time. I am always in need of a place to put my jewelry that I once again forgot to take off. A pretty bowl makes for a perfect spot. Good bed linens are a necessity for me. Soft sheets and a linen duvet make for a perfect combo. Reading may be the best way for me to fall into a deep sleep. It makes my mind go elsewhere. Right now I am reading "Why French Women Don't Get Fat", which is quite a ridiculous name, but the book is reading quite well and has a few recipes that I am eager to try.

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