Organizing {a desktop idea}

This summer has been flying by and I have been enjoying it thoroughly. So much so blogging has taken an obvious back burner. I do plan on blogging regularly again once the kiddos are in school on the 22nd. Any work that must be done on the computer has been dedicated to the shop and KJP. This past weekend I realized how far behind I have fallen in deep cleaning the house. The Mr. took the kiddos on a long hike and I tackled every room. Cleaning out from under all the furniture, vacuuming everything down to curtains, and dusted even the walls. I swear this house attracts dust like no other which is awful for our families severe allergies which is also why a regular deep cleaning is a must for us. Any thoughts on how to reduce the dust??? Anyhoo, yesterday as I sat down to blog for the week I got caught up in the need to organize the desktop. Visually it was overwhelming. I really wish I had a before image. I came across this fabulous desktop organizing idea on Rylee Hitchner's instagram page and that very idea came from Brooke Boling apparently. It is such a good idea that I wanted to share it here as well. I ran with the idea and made it work for us in ILLUSTRATOR. I really hope it helps keep me on task. Needless to say my plan of creating a week worth of posts did not happen. Oh well.


Ellie's 7th Birthday Party

This may be the longest post ever done on Two Ellie, but 7th birthdays are a big deal. Ha. Ellie knew what she wanted for this years party, lots of colors, sparkle, pinata bashing and a touch of fairies. Of course I wanted to deliver. We had the party later in the evening and made it an ice cream social with cake. Really what is a birthday party without cake? I will post links to goods at the end of the post. These are the invites I came up with to usher in her color loving ways...

Of course Ellie's ribbons she won from her horse show earlier in the day had to be displayed.

The day before Ellie and KJ decided they wanted to make some of the decor so they colored a bunch of elephant portraits. The garland I made and the flowers were from daddy.

The gold number balloon has quickly become a staple for all our parties and the glow sticks were perfect once the sun went down.

During parties I try to keep everyone entertained with arts and crafts and such so toys don't end up everywhere.

I still have this room set up. Tried to convince the Mr to let me keep it up till my birthday on the 22nd. I have a feeling though that they will be coming down sooner than later though.

How I incorporated the fairies into the party...

Some of the toppings for the ice cream which ended up being a huge hit.

The mandatory funny face pic with my girl...

Piñata time was tons of fun. The Mr decided he would hold it up. A daring choice it was...

Alas this was one tough piñata so a few of the adults got a go. The Mr knows my athletic skills and I believe he was quite nervous that I would miss and miss I did not. I also did not bust it. That honor went to long time friend Chris, the guitarist from Act of Congress. Have you heard their new Album. It is FABULOUS!!!

I love her and was happy to make her party day dreams come true...

The Details:

- For the gold tassels I used this tutorial and my own version for the longer ones. I bought the mylar sheets here. They are not easy to make. The mylar slides. It was most definitely worth it though. They have been used in two parties thus far. I am sure using tissue paper would be much easier.

- The ruffle streamers, ice cream cups, wooden spoons, straws, lanterns, and candles were all purchased from Shop Sweet Lulu.

- Big gold seven, piñata + stick, and candy apple peppermint sticks are from our local Party City.

- Glow sticks, napkins, and paper plates were purchased at Target. The confetti table cloth is from there too, but it was bought back in March.

- Art & craft supplies are all from Michael's

- Gold votives bought here.

- The grass for under the cake was purchased for another party and I was able to use it again. It was purchased from Save on Crafts.

- Cake from Edgars as always.


Riding Saddleback - Ellie's First Show

I mine as well start off by letting you all know this will be a week of Ellie posts. Ha. Saturday was her 7th birthday and we celebrated big. We started off the day by Ellie being in her very first horse show! She was so excited and if she was nervous she didn't show it although I am sure she was. She was put into 2 classes. Both were leadline since this was her first time showing and the horses are extra spunky with all the attention. She was sure to have a great big smile on her face for the whole ride. The first time through all the participants got a blue ribbon for being so brave. The second class was an actual competition and she got second!!! Her number was called and my dyslexic self didn't realize it was her till about a minute into it. Once they found her name... Ellie Coldiron... I was cheering my heart out. At the end she was even sweet enough to share a ribbon with brother.

 *Tomorrow I am posting the party. It was an ice cream social and according to Ellie it was the best day ever!!! Hope to see you then.


Babies on the Mind 

Today I am over on Emma's gorgeous blog, The Marion House Book, sharing some baby essentials. She just had her second and I must say Orla is quite adorable. Emma has it all when it comes to design. She can put a room together like no other, style it to a tee, and then photograph it effortlessly. This is sweet Orla's nursery. I just adore it.

You can see my guest post here. I truly had so much fun putting a list together especially with all the goodies they have out there now.


Adding Pieces

Although this room was deemed "done" I was able to add a few more things... of course. The living room showcases my love of neutrals, texture, and rustic simplicity. In the end it seemed a tad flat and needed some shine. When I came across this end table at Homegoods I knew it was the missing piece. I adore the organic feel of it. I also knew I wanted something for that vintage metal wire basket. Once Pottery Barn had their orbs go on sale I snatched them up. I like how they fill the basket, but don't feel heavy. It was the lightness this room needed. Now it's done...