A Few Highs and Lows

The last couple of days I have been enjoying some time in my flower garden. Did I ever mention that I had a brilliant landscape designer draw up the most beautiful plans for the front and back? Cost wise it will take some time to accomplish and the back needs the most work. In the meantime the front is just getting a much needed sprucing. I will share once I get farther along in the process.

Some highs and lows...


- Having the time to garden.

- Spending most of the week at a friend's pool.

- Getting to see Marianne's new blog and site design. It is stunning to say the least.

- The Mr and I acting as party planner to a rather exquisite birthday bash.

- Ellie and KJ finding great joy in putting on "shows" for us. I have two rather good actors on my hands.


- Using my sister's sunscreen one day and being burnt to a crisp. Apparently not all sunscreens are created equal.

- Our dog has become a shedding machine. His grooming appointment can not come soon enough.

- I shattered my Iphone. Going to the apple store this morning and hoping they have pity on me. So lame.

Have any Highs and Lows of your week? Would love to hear!

Have a great weekend!

Image via Better Homes and Gardens


Recreating a bath on a Budget

As I am still gawking over the home I posted yesterday I though it would be fun to recreate the bath. I only assume it was the children's, but could easily see it working for a master also. What I liked most is that the bath was rather basic. No fancy marble and the like. It reminds me of my own that I would love to give a facelift to without spending too much.  I think adding a few of the above elements would make that possible. The pendant I featured lacks a bit of the gorgeous detailing, but is much cheaper than the original one from Restoration Hardware.

1. pendant from Home Depot

2. Mirror by Madegoods and can be ordered through Brooke.

3. faucet from faucet direct

4. Paint Benjamin Moore White Dove


A Beauty in Crestline {a local home}

Here's another local beauty that is currently on the market. I so do wish I had seen it furnished, but alas I did not, but even bare boned the home is gorgeous. The entertaining that could be done here would be quite astounding.

I honestly think I could be one brilliant chef in this kitchen...

My organizing skills could be brought to new heights in this office. It even has wrapping paper dispensers installed. Wowzers.

All the lighting is quite beautiful. Oh, and let's not forget the two limestone fireplaces.

I wonder if the mirror stays? I think I would work it into the contract if not.

I am sure any little girl would feel like a princess in this room...

KJ wants a black bedroom, if it looked like this then maybe I would say okay...

This bathroom I adore. I also think it would be easy to recreate...

I could live among the gardens and terraces. Divine to say the least.

*As always if you are interested in this home send me an email and I will get you in touch with the listing agent.


Indian Summer with Chance

As I admired Katie's new blog design by Gagabout I instantly fell in love with her post featuring Chance. It was so good I knew I had to see more. I have always loved Chance striped tees, I do have a slight addiction to stripes after all, but I had no idea they featured such beautiful imagery. Photos that evoke the feeling of wanting to be that girl, at that party, eat that wonderful meal, etc. makes me swoon to new heights. Chance happens to do this well, very well, so for today I want to be that girl exploring the countryside with a tall glass of lemonade taking in the wonders of the world.

On that note I also wouldn't mind being Marylynn Piotrowski, former model and shop owner, for a day or at the very least lounge in that very hammock. Does she not look so fresh faced, laid back, and chic?

Images 1-4 from Chance photographed by Jody Rogac

Final photo taken at her shop Tauk by Reagan Glazner


Our Life {in photos}

A smattering of our life over the last couple of weeks...

hope you all have a great weekend! We have a wedding tomorrow and it will mark the end of our spring time rush of brides. Bitter sweet I must say, but we have already started booking next year brides. Oh, and no worries our summer, fall and winter brides are just as special just not back to back. KJP really has been such a blessing.