Lake Living 

A few days before school began good friends graciously let us stay in their lake house. I must say when I think of myself I imagine the beach as ideal for vacation mode, but after this lake trip I must say I am a full convert. Most schools already began in the area so the lake was empty and still. I felt a pure peace that I hadn't felt in awhile. We canoed, ate well, and just watched the children have the time of their lives. Although both can swim quite well we decided that life jackets were a requirement just incase they grew tired. Even I wore one for the long swims and I know my swimming skills or lack of could not save a soul. Safety first, right? Needless to say a lake shack is officially on my wish list. Ha.


Traveling in Luxury {airstream}

Every once in awhile I come across something that truly makes me stop and stare. This was one of those times. A brilliant local architect, Bill Sheppard, takes an American classic and reinvents them to today's design standards. Would this not make the most fabulous apartment for a single?!?! I have thought long and hard about traveling cross country with the kiddos while they are small. One of these would make it a luxury experience. The detailing is gorgeous. Even the kitchen faucet is prettier than my own. Needless to say I am impressed and hope to see one in person! Preferably in my driveway. Ha.

You can see more of the airstream architect series here.


A Good Night Sleep


I am one that values a good nights sleep, maybe even a tad too much. A bad night can through off a whole day. It really is quite ridiculous. So needless to say I take my sleeping needs quite seriously. The Mr's tees make a regular occurrence, but a comfy pair of pj's are a must. A good lamp on the night stand and a place for all our less than pleasant laundry are both required. Although more times than I can count watching a movie before bed happens, but I do think it would be delightful to play a few rounds of backgammon with the Mr and it would be a much better way to spend our time. I am always in need of a place to put my jewelry that I once again forgot to take off. A pretty bowl makes for a perfect spot. Good bed linens are a necessity for me. Soft sheets and a linen duvet make for a perfect combo. Reading may be the best way for me to fall into a deep sleep. It makes my mind go elsewhere. Right now I am reading "Why French Women Don't Get Fat", which is quite a ridiculous name, but the book is reading quite well and has a few recipes that I am eager to try.

Pj's J.Crew | lamp High Street Market | Basket  Serena & Lily | Backgammon Amazon | Bowl Canvas | Linens Restoration Hardware | Book


Mixing It Up {a local home}

I thought it was about time to bring back my obsession with real estate listings. Ha. This one does not disappoint. Great design and well edited. A beautiful home to say the least.

The mix of antiques, modern pieces, classic lines, and a simple palette shows how different eras can look cohesive in the same space.

The TV room looks cozy and the built in bookshelves that span the whole wall is quite gorgeous.

The kitchen is one amazing space. Again it mixes modern touches within a traditional palette. The fabric lined cabinet is a favorite in my book as is the vintage basket that sits ever so perfectly within the island. The simplest of details can make a room really stand out. 

The master looks as if it is in a tree house. Again the serene palette is kept interesting with the layering of textures.

The little canopies are just too sweet. I know my Ellie would adore it! I also think it could make for an easy DIY. Maybe I should give it a go!

 *This home is listed for $850,000 in a desirable area of town. Six bedrooms and six baths makes for one heck of a house. As always if you are interested in this home contact me and I will send you the listing agents info. Also if this is your absolutely stunning home and would rather have it not shared then I will remove it immediately.


KJ's Room {the inspiration board}

I had full intentions of getting the kiddos bedrooms switched before school began, but alas that did not happen. The plan now is to surprise each of them with a room makeover one day after school. If you recall awhile back I combined their rooms so that they would share. Now that they are getting older and are both in school we thought it best to move them back. I am working on KJ's room first since it is the easiest to do. I am keeping the current paint color and just touching it up. I am also keeping his spindle bed, but everything else is new. Well, new to him, most of the pieces are from around the house. The West Elm desk, which they no longer carry, will be in his room and a huge bulletin board will accompany it. It will be great for both lego making and school work. I am also moving a dark wood console in for storage. I am using wire baskets and the woven one's from World Market for even more organization. The bedding is a mix of Serena & Lily and West Elm. The sconces that I purchased through Brooke will hang over the bed amongst a gallery wall that we currently have in there. The gallery will just be reworked a bit. Of course I want KJ to LOVE it and it to be personal to him which means Star Wars had to be included. I found The Star War prints on etsy and thought they are rather good looking for what they are. I think I will frame them out in a fun color. Now if I can only wrangle all the legos into a workable system then I will be set. My goal is to have it done in the next week or two. I can't wait!!!

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*UPDATE: KJ's room is actually Sherwin Williams North Star, my bad.