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Get the Look

Yesterday's post stirred me on to do a sort of budget friendly "get the look" room. I would not say it's cheap, but it is MUCH cheaper than the original room I am sure. My guess would be that all these pieces combined cost less than the original custom sofa. I could not find a decent priced leather daybed to save my life, but I do think the leather chair would be quite nice too and although I LOVE the look of the daybed I chair would be more useful in my opinion.

sectional sofa | rug | art | chair | coffee table | ticking stripe pillow | plain neutral linen pillow | bold stripe pillow | blue patterned pillow | solid persimmon pillow | floor lamp



I am a magazine addict. They are a sort of refuge for me. The moments when I want my mind to go slightly numb and not have to think too hard and yet just enjoy the moment. Lately though every magazine I pick up I find myself taking a quick gander then throwing it into the recycling pile. At one point I thought I was getting tired of magazines, but I think I am tired of designs that are hard to relate to. Designs that make me want to ask who the designer is. To me good design looks like the homeowner what ever that may look like. For me it would have things I love and have picked up along the way. A more collected space that is not too pristine and every nick makes it better. It is a design that focus on not only beauty, but comfort first and fore most. Granted there have been a few magazines that I have poured over and homes that I have loved, but not many that I want to save for later viewing. Well, that is until I saw Patrick Dempsey's home in the most recent issue of Architectural Digest. I poured and poured over it, honestly I can't wait to pour over it some more. I think it's completely stunning, but not in the I can't really live in you with my kids and their friends kind of way. It is doable design and with the right amount of search could be done on a not so glamorous budget. I could see my kids jumping from sofa to sofa. I can see movie nights being had. I can see things spilling and it being okay. Plus that garden? Oh my.

What kind of design do you love seeing???

See more of his home here, but I highly recommend the March issue to see even more! Well, only if this is your style after all.

Roger Davies

Carlos Mota


This & That

So the little man has the flu, AGAIN!?!?! What in the world. Praying that we all don't get it this time around, but alas that would surprise me greatly. This leaves me with very little computer time so I thought I would share a few of my favorites from the trusty ole' iPhone.

I made a quick stop at Madewell and was ever so pleased with the handbag I first saw online. I went with more of the cognac color instead of the black in the end, because I think it will age ever so nicely. I also loved the shoulder guard in hopes that when I carry the big camera around it won't kill my shoulder.

For Valentine's the Mr bought me parrot tulips which may be my new favorite flower. He is really good at surprising me with flowers all year so I am hoping these make it onto the regular rotation.Ha.

As soon as I saw this card, from my favorite illustrator and one of the sweetest girls I know, I knew it had to be mine, well really the Mr's. It looks so much like him although he did say his boots are lower. I think this print must be my next purchase as it something I need to be reminded of daily.

Our church had this cute little backdrop in the hallways and since it was Valentines the Mr was kind enough to take a pic with me. Wish I took one of us that night too. I was actually in something other than my "uniform".

The second snow storm of the season the kiddos and I rushed up to my parents house to take full advantage of their lasting abundance. Our home got quite a bit and we made a snowman around 10:00 the night before, but by morning it was melting fast. My parents who live up a mountain/big hill had snow till late that evening. Yay for us! My sister and KJ tackled the boy snowman and Ellie and I were in charge of the lady. I must say I am rather proud of our efforts.


Eclectically Vintage...

Kelly, from Eclectically Vintage, featured our home on her most fabulous blog over the weekend. I was highly flattered that she asked especially after taking a gander at her own home. It is beautiful to say the least.


A Few Favorites...

We are at home in anticipation of another snow/ice day. We shall see. I am just grateful to have my babies home with me another day. Fort building, lego playing, and a constant flow of the Olympics make for happy days.

A few things that have left me feeling inspired or wanting...

A beautiful bedroom addition.

The cutest Valentine Day printables I ever did see.

This purse is tempting me during my new purse hunt since mine was stolen.

Of course my addiction to totes has me fawning over this one.

I am eager to try this on both Ellie and I.

This home renovation makes me want to tackle a project.

I am tempted to buy a pair of boyfriend jeans. They seem ever so comfortable. In my head I would look cute as her too.