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Happy, Happy

Ellie was home yesterday after a rough night. Having a relaxing one on one day with just her was such a treat. I am loving seeing what an amazing girl she is turning out to be. The kids are home today for a "work" at home day from school which I am very excited about. The day will be full of school work and I am sure some added fun here and there. Hope you all have an amazing day!!!


New Dress Three Ways {2nd post of the day}

Two posts in one day? YES!!! I recently partnered up with Boden to feature one and in this case two of their most fabulous goods and they are giving a great discount, but the biggest deal ends tomorrow so I wanted to be sure you all had a chance to see it. I went with the Holborn dress in black. This dress was a bit of a stretch for me. I NEVER wear things that figure fit unless I am at the gym. I have a bit of a belly that is not awful, but it does stick out like I am a few months pregnant on occasion due to health junk. The lines of this dress disguised all that! So giddy. The dress was not too tight, but hugged in all the right spots. I am 5'3 and the length hit me well. I received a 4 and normally I wear a 2 in most other retailers and the fit was spot on. Anyhow, I had fun and sported the dress in three different ways.


This is what I would call my I have to go to a "meeting" attire. Ha. I blog and do photography so I rarely have meetings, but if I did I would so wear this.

DRESS | SHOES {in black} | BAG

Next up is what I would on a date. The Mr approved by the way. The bag is also Boden and I love that it can be used as a clutch or be thrown into my larger bag.


Finally this is a much more casual look. I think the booties make this dress work now until sandal weather is back into full swing. It's comfortable and so easy which if you know me is the most important part.

Now for all the fun stuff...

Boden has recently announced a partnership with US-based nonprofit No Kid Hungry (please visit No kid Hungry for details). Their first initiative is an interactive, personalized mini Boden catalog cover campaign. Customers can visit Boden by You and design your own catalog cover featuring a mini Boden island, lots of color, prints, and characters – a perfect activity for children that are stuck inside due to the cold winter blues! Catalogs will be mailed out in May featuring the personalized, custom designs. For every cover designed, Boden will donate $1 to No Kid Hungry.

As well, this week they are running a Diminishing Discount promotion. From Monday, 24 February – Wednesday, 26 February, customers can take 20% off everything plus free shipping and returns. Hence the two posts in one day. I didn't want you all to miss another day on a good deal. On Thursday, 27 February, this offer diminishes to 15% off everything plus free shipping and returns. Then, on Friday, the offer concludes with 10% off everything plus free shipping and returns. You the readers can take advantage of this great promotion with the code 424F or by following this URL to the Boden homepage.


life {getting healthy}

I know you all have heard it before from me, but I am ready once again to get my health back under control. I go through spurts. The only thing that has stuck is being gluten free since it does make me deathly ill. The past year or so I have not been on top of my game. My allergies went out of control, my body aches all the time, I am extremely tired most days, and overall just feel blah to say it mildly making regular life a little bit harder and taxing. The last time I felt really good was a few years back when I went paleo in order to rid my body of gluten. For myself though I think the paleo life style is just a good fit for me although I am sure I will sneak a potato here and there. I was eating WAY to many gluten free items that contain things like rice flour and high sugar counts that I think is contributing to my overall achiness and severe constipation. Why did I not keep up with it the first time if it made me feel so much better? Well, I simply did not research enough. I thought it was all about meats and vegetables. In a way it is, but I found myself eating only that. A chicken breast with peas, a steak with broccoli, and so on. I got bored fast. This time around I am going to a small group that focuses on the paleo lifestyle and how to eat well. I have been having desserts that actually taste good, eating things like red cabbage and finding it is delicious, and realizing that just maybe I can do this. I am so thankful for the woman behind the blog, Consider it Joy Baking, for sharing her wealth of knowledge and food with this small group of ladies. She truly makes it easy.


The top two books I now own and have been reading them like a novel. They are rather easy and take the boring out of the paleo diet. Both Against the Grain and Practical Paleo have me pegged to a tee when it comes to health and get me excited about getting on track. Nom Nom is next on my list to purchase and by the far the easiest cookbook ever. I have tried a few recipes already that I borrowed from a friend like the Cavolini al Forno {the most delicious brussel sprout meal ever} and find myself eating a bowl of it for a whole meal and being quite happy. I have Elana's Pantry almond flour cookbook, but after some research have found some of her ingredients  not too healthy like grapeseed oil and agave which I now just convert to coconut oil and honey, so she wrote another book that omits all that. It too is on my buy list, but they will wait till next month's paycheck. Ha. All the above have blogs, but nothing beats a cookbook for me which is funny since I am the worst cook. For the majority of paleo cooking I have been taught by Elizabeth to have a good assortment of spices, almond flour {this one is best for baking in my opinion and have been using it for years}, coconut flour, coconut oil {best buy at costco}, and ghee {had no idea that even existed till late}. I also am finding myself to need a food processor and this one she recommends highly after trying a few good brand fails.

Next up I am sure actually being active might help. My running trials went to the way side and have yet to get back into any sort of routine. I have been doing Ballet Beautiful here and there that I can watch online for free being a prime member, but that's about it. I know it will help me feel better, but when you feel bad who wants to work out. Such an oxymoron I know. A friend turned me onto this new site, or maybe new to me site, that works kind of like all the "mint" sites. It's headed up by Kate Hudson and I made my first order {first outfit is 50% off}. I live in workout leggings because I like compression so I am crossing my fingers that they are a decent quality. You can skip buying months too which I like and the prices for a whole outfit is cheaper than most, even my TJ Maxx finds. I figure I have nothing to lose and I may actually feel cute when working out now. Gym membership here I come! I may even spin again. That was always my favorite.

First most though I am praying for the Lord to help me make the change. I may be the laziest person I know when It comes to cooking and exercise. I somewhat despise them both, but I want to give my family and friends the best of me and I know these steps must be taken. Only the Lord can truly change my heart and mind though. I have tried to do it on my own for the last 10 years and have failed miserably. Just because I am "thin" doesn't mean I am healthy which the Mr likes to remind me often. Ha. Apparently he wants a wife that has an abundant and long life.


now that's good...

I am just absolutely giddy when Brooke shares a bit of her home. She is undoubtedly one of the most kind and caring people I know. A sort of super everything kind of girl. She is never short of wisdom and inspiration. Needless to say when she shared a peek into her playroom I fell head over heels. I love how she easily makes a space feel playful without losing her style. Change the art and a few of the accessories and this can easily evolve as the boys get older into a more teenage, then grown up, then back to grand babies space. YES, I am always thinking that far ahead. HA. It's the most perfect combo of youthful fun and a space where she could have girlfriends over and it not feel like you are in a designated playroom. Now that's good.

Brooke shared all her info on the room here.


Get the Look

Yesterday's post stirred me on to do a sort of budget friendly "get the look" room. I would not say it's cheap, but it is MUCH cheaper than the original room I am sure. My guess would be that all these pieces combined cost less than the original custom sofa. I could not find a decent priced leather daybed to save my life, but I do think the leather chair would be quite nice too and although I LOVE the look of the daybed I chair would be more useful in my opinion.

sectional sofa | rug | art | chair | coffee table | ticking stripe pillow | plain neutral linen pillow | bold stripe pillow | blue patterned pillow | solid persimmon pillow | floor lamp