Just a Peek...

My backyard is finally complete! This has been a work in progress for YEARS and I am giddy. I have more thing arriving any day now. I am planning on getting "good" photos this week, but could not help sharing a little iPhone peek. My papa was a huge part of making my vision complete. He built the pergola last summer for me and then built the sofa recently. Buying a an outdoor sofa just wasn't in the budget so I showed him a few I liked, bought cushions and he made it all come together. Oh, and not to say the Mr did not do his far share. He laid new sod last month in our mostly bare yard and was responsible for every hole dug in our hard clay over the years. The garden is at the stage where it looks wild and established and I could not be any happier. If you need me just come to back. It has quickly become my happy spot.


Making it your own ~ the kitchen

This all white kitchen would make for quite the backdrop for a playful and preppy kitchen.

1. This oversized pendant is even more stunning in person. It would make quite the statement piece over such a large island.

2. The counter stools are perfect for creating such a fun space.

3. This serving bowl could be kept out always.

4. This cookbook I am sure will become a favorite.

5. Pretty napkins are always a must.

6. The glassware is ideal for making even water feel extra special.


Easy ~ Breezy

A romper that I may actually wear | sandals to match every outfit | bought this fedora and am smitten | a strap that will make my camera more of an accessory | a clutch that can be worn as a fanny pack, oh yes I will


Good for the Soul

When I find myself overly antsy, I find soaking in God's word and dwelling on this quote help put my soul to ease.


now that's good...