four things

These are a few items that I have been eying as of late...

ONE - would be amazing in our living room, but not really a need.

TWO - been waiting months for this cookbook to come out! It's almost that time!

THREE - Thinking this pillow needs to make a home in our tv room.

FOUR - these could be added to my other candlesticks in my dining room, but maybe it would be two too many?


It's Coming Together "the dining room"

I finally hung a piece of art. I only have about a dozen or so to go, but I want to be sure each piece is where it should be. This piece, by the Aestate, I came across on instagram and instantly fell in love. The color was perfect and I loved the free form and scale of it all. I used an ikea frame, but may upgrade later. Ikea's large mats are a slight off white and compared to this print looked yellow so I just reversed the mat which is a more blue/gray/white. I'm still deciding if this works or if I should get another mat cut to match the paper. For now I will just live with it. The baby fig is from ikea too and the bucket was a thrift store find. I keep on moving it back and forth between a plant pot or a trash can for the office. Can't beat the price at $2.99 either way. Our new side chairs from West Elm came in and I could not be anymore happy with them. The woven chairs came from the old house and are a tad big for the space, but will do for now. Our new light fixture should arrive today and I could not be anymore excited. I will be sure to share once the space is all pulled together!


Adding Warmth in the Kitchen

Our rental home kitchen has had me a bit baffled. It is very different from our old home. Our old kitchen was open to the rest of the house and was more pretty than anything else. This kitchen is much more utilitarian which makes perfect sense in a 1931 home. It was made for function. I do LOVE that, but at times it feels cold especially with the washer and dryer being part of the space. Don't get me wrong I am beyond grateful that I have so many appliances. Not sure how I would function without a washer, dryer, dishwasher and the like. I am also finding that having a microwave on our limited counter space drives me a bit nuts. Never mind our kitchenaid, vitamix {early birthday present from the Mr}, cake plates ect have no where to go but on the countertop. So after much thought and kitchen gazing I think I want to add a bookshelf. I think it will add warmth to the space and free up some countertop space for things like actual cooking. Even if I just moved the microwave here along with the cakeplates, mixing bowls, and maybe add a few baskets for pantry items it may help this kitchen feel more homey and function better for the way we live. The bookcase will go where this bench sits now. Oh, and I finally found school house lights that were oversized and short enough! I shared them on instagram, but will be sure to share here too soon. Do any of you have a bookcase in your kitchen? Do you like it? To me it feels somewhat European for some reason and who wouldn't want that! HA.

Contenders... ONE & TWO


An Inspired Shoot

I had the pleasure of shooting Tiffany at The Optimist in Atlanta last weekend. It was by far one of my favorite shoots ever. The light filled space plus working with one the most beautiful people I know, inside and out, makes for the perfect pairing. The Optimist has some of the best food hands down. The design of the space inspires me like no other. It really was quite a wonderful day to say the least.

Ellie also makes for the best test lighting subject. She came along for the shoot and a little shopping after. Ellie is also becoming quite the photographer herself. She snapped this pic of Tiffany with an iPhone. I mean really. I love her composition.

Tiffany is sharing more on her blog today!


Love List

trench | art | votive holder | boots | towel ring | rolling pin | handbag

A few things have been catching my eye lately and lo and behold it seems I am loving a nude color palette as of late. I just purchased this towel ring and am crossing my fingers it works for the bath. This piece of art speaks to me. I think it is because it reminds me of my late grandmother. This trench could be a perfect fall staple. I have been saying for years now that I need a rolling pin. A votive candle that could dress up a pile of books. I nice small handbag is something my wardrobe currently lacks. Last year I switched to wearing low boots and I may never go back to the high ones. These are pretty amazing.