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Summer Days {a can feel it}

The days are getting warmer and all I can think on is summer. Long days spent outside working in the garden, heading to a friends pool on a whim, giving the grill much needed attention, and to simply wear less. I am cold natured and I tend to layer upon layer, but it will be nice to let the sun radiate every pore of my being {with sunscreen of course}. I am sure this will be my uniform for summer as it has been quite similar the last few years. I just love how my handbag that I purchased a few months ago will work just as well for summer especially with ample {dry} swimsuit room. I never leave home without a suit in summer.

swimsuit | hat | top | shorts | shoes | bag

* so I tend to write my posts a few days in advance in order to stay on top of things. Well, we hit freezing temps again! What in the world. I will just keep on dreaming then I suppose.


Cuter than Cute!

I just received the new Martha Stewart Living mag yesterday and I fell head over heels for this oversized magnet wallpaper. I even made an impulse buy after seeing it. HA. Haven't done that in a long time! They actually have a giraffe, bear, zebra, owl, and parakeet on Amazon. Of course they didn't have the rabbit so I ended up ordering from Europe which means I may not be seeing it for awhile. I almost went with the giraffe, but Ellie is bunny obsessed and it will go with her room best. I am thinking early birthday present. I can't believe she is going to be 9 in not too long!


Front Porch Spruce Up

The porch has slowly, but surely been getting a little spruce up. In the end I decided to save the money and just use what I had. Not quite as fun, but more practical for now at least. The only items that are new are the pillows, doormat and added plants. I still need to fill in my front beds some more and trim up the boxwoods. The only thing I may still do is change out the lanterns to something bigger. I always felt these were a little small for the space, but then again I tend to lean towards the oversized.



The Mr has decided to go paleo with me for the month. Granted our dinners lean that way anyhow, but his lunches, snacks and desserts are far from it. The only problem is that he is WAY picky when it comes to food. Salads sicken him, most fruits and vegetables are off the table, and I even have to be careful with the way I season meat. I tend to think his eating style is boring and he simply thinks its delicious. HA. All this to say the Mr needed a snack option that was more than an apple or almond butter in order to make this journey with me. When I came across Against All Grains granola I knew if I simply left out the raisins it would be a win. It's a long process, but in the end a yummy one. I currently have another batch of nuts soaking to make more. I am even pondering buying a dehydrater, but not sure where I would store it. Maybe one day though!

Have I mentioned how much I love this cookbook! It's been such a lifesaver for me.


Yearning for Spring

This year I am more than eager for springtime weather. Normally I am not one to wish a season away, but I feel like we have been quite teased. We have a smattering of springtime weather, flowers begin to bud, the birds are out to play and then we wake up to cold. Boo. I am ready for full days spent outdoors, days at the baseball park to be spent without a coat, to not be shivering during Ellie's horseback lessons, picnics to be in abundance, and for everything to be GREEN. Today I thought I would bask in what is to come. I am sure you all that still have snow are quite annoyed that we even have a taste of spring amongst your winter wonderland, alas living in the south does have its perks.

1. a family fun game

2. my new blankets I found at T.J Maxx for a steal! {you may have seen them already via Instagram @paulacoldiron} I found ones here and here.

3. twinkle lights {as the kiddos call them} make any night special

4. prettiest picnic basket I ever did see

5. portable grill to bring to the park

6. my springtime anthem